I thought that mint, with its strong roots and big spreading ability, might be able to keep the goutweed out of the worst corner of my . I was extremely wrong, they just happily coexist, spreading together instead...

Stupid Wordle flex 

Managed to solve both , and in three tries today, which is weird, since the words weren't that obvious... Maybe this will be a good day?

Wow, had a really good talk with the 9yo about nostalgia, fears and worries tonight

Russian war crimes 

I often feel strangely disjointed from the news from Ukraine – the senseless destruction, the killing of civilians – but this? This is pure evil.

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Hey! Who'd be interested to have a #wikipedia edit-a-thon to improve various articles relating to practical, self-organization? ⚙️ 🤝

I'm talking about [Consensus decision-making], [Group decision-making], [Advice process], [Score voting], etc. Of course, if there's another aspect, or topic, you're more interested in, that's fine!

I'd also be happy to induct people into wikipedia editing, if intersted.

To a familiar tune:

Then I did a thing
Now I'm an achiever
Another thing – no doubt in my mind
I'm a god! (ooo)
I'm an achiever, now can I leave the dishes please?

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Hey, where should I go for my next plant post? We'll be looking at other plants in urban spaces around town.

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cars have brought so much joy to so many through out the years that we've had them. from big car lads who like to go in the car and make it do noises, to little old ladies who like to drive it to the shop once only. there's no denying every one of us has all been affected by cars at least once. however, they're now banned.

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Stayed home with sneezy pollen boy today, thought I might get some stuff done, but the only thing I've so far managed is to go to the pharmacy to get an allergy spray, then I needed to rest...

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Country toad
Take me home
To your place
In a pond
Wet and boggy
Warm and foggy
Take me home
Swamp biome

I suspect my 7yo boy is allergic to birch, he's sneezing constantly and complains that his eyes hurt 😞

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Would you be interested in an instance focusing on pets, plants and recipes?
It would of course be a very accepting instance 😍😊💐 with no mean people allowed.

Please boost 🤗

Good morning all, hope you had a better night than me... Happy Monday!

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Looking closely at the elderberry, we see lots of aphids. We see ladybugs and wasps attracted to the aphids. This is great: we want native bugs to eat the native plants, feeding the system, and ultimately feeding native birds. This bush is already a small metropolis of native habitat!

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Uh, the view from my balcony is not super ugly right now

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Jag saknar mina bästa vänner på Twitter, men blir så bedrövad varje gång jag går in där. Känns som jag vill bli tyst, i någon sorts meningslös protest. Så arg på hur de som bara ville förstöra i princip har vunnit. Det är förstört. Varför vill inte fler komma hit? De borde komma hit. *luftspottar*

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