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Yeah, minute stupid flowers are apparently my sparkle, I stand for this

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As per usual a tough last day of the week with the kids; we really get on each other's nerves after a full week, and this one has had a holiday with more time at home than usual, so I think I need to do a :
1. Took a small road trip with 7yo autism boy and grandma – saw so many snails and slugs! And a bunch of spring flowers as well
2. 9yo had super easy maths homework and pretended to be a small child so 7yo could 'help' him
3. Got both kids into the shower without much protest

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The lead actor in Avatar was so unremarkable that I've mentally replaced him with Chris Pratt. Any time Avatar comes up, I think "Who was even in that? Sigourney Weaver, Giovanni Ribisi, Zoe Saldana and I only remember that because she was better in Star Trek that year...the main dude was a white guy? I'd remember if it was Jake Gyllenhaal or a Hemsworth...Chris Pratt? That sounds right."

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peeing, culture shock? 

Appearently there are people with penises that don't sit down on toilets. I never thought anyone would do that.

I'm especially confused by people saying everyone does it and that it has nothing to do with upbringing, but being the natural thing to do.

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@infernusgoatus Oo, this makes me want to share the Anser × Branta hybrid I saw yesterday!

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You've heard of "number go up" but have you tried "number stay about the same but everyone is chill and has a pretty good time"?

This is a monster of a song – it perfectly fits my current mood of frustration, but it also feels perfect when I'm on top of the world, my teeth are sharp and everything feels great. I'm very grateful to @helenb for adding it to our common playlist ❤

Autism, parenting 

So my 7yo with autism has a thing for reenacting things he saw on Youtube over and over. The latest fad is yelling "THIS BEE IS GONNA STING ME IN THE BALLS!" over and over again... 😳

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Somebody just informed me that the scent is called "petrichor".

From #Wikipedia:
Petrichor (/ˈpɛtrɪˌkɔːr/)[1] is the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil. The word is constructed from Ancient Greek πέτρα (pétra) 'rock', or πέτρος (pétros) 'stone', and ἰχώρ (ikhṓr), the ethereal fluid that is the blood of the gods in Greek mythology

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Day two at home with the 7yo, who has an inexplicable mini-holiday from school. I have a headache, rain is pouring down and I don't know what to cook for lunch.

He named the princess of his story "A Princess" and made the main character super confused about it

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Pros: very little coercion, extremely hig amounts of storytelling joy
Cons: yeah it's kinda late now and he's not in bed

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The dissonance between wanting to drink beer and play Pokémon Go and maybe casually edit Wikipedia all night and the fact that you need to coerce the 9yo to finally do his homework and then get both kids to bed somewhat early because tomorrow is school day

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Spent (Swedish) Mother's day at the allotment with the kids, their mother and my mother. Haven't been there for a week but seem to be on top of things. Didn't get much work today, had to be somewhat social (😱) but killed some invasive lupines and Canadian goldenrod with the grass trimmer.

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What do your #plants do when you are not looking!

These processes are called Nastic movements :blobcatnomplant:

My brain, in a David Bowie voice: "Let's eat! Put on your eat shoes..." Wait a minute

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Talking to myself making lunch:
Me: Eer, let's think...
Other me: Don't brag!

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I HOPE THE SILENCE IS DEAFENING" Dan Sheeman, art by /u/lombardoink

I spontaneously ordered a tent! Been wanting to do a little weekend hike in my area, which like most of Sweden is pretty densely wooded, so you can easily avoid most populated places, but the tent I already have is a bit clunky for .

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