Comparing today's mobile games to the console games from my youth, one similarity with THC comes to mind:

Engineered over decades to increase the high

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Tried some mobile games after a long break. My gosh, the intensity and amount of retention and monetization mechanism is unbelievable these days!

"Adding manpower to a project that's late makes it later" -- Mythical man month

"Adding teams to an org that's slow makes it slower" -- Is the same true at the org level?

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, privacy and computer security specialist, talks with Valentín Diaz, journalist, fact checker and enthusiast of cryptography, Linux and OSINT to talk about TOR, its uses, myths and truths.

Agree. Logging is better than nothing, but for every logging use case, there's probably a better suited observability technique around
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Q: What is tracing?
A: What you should be doing if you're logging things 🤣

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We need to get past the IC/manager dichotomy. "Dimension of influence" is a powerful framing for technical leadership. And refreshingly encouraging of the EM track!
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1/ One thing I share with the people is about the _dimensions of decision and influence_ and why it's important to at least have _two dimensions_ of influence

Let's see a technical leadership position you have:

- People dimension
- Technology dimen…

"Be curious. Read widely. Try new things" -- When asked how he went from dev to CEO somewhat accidentally, Xiao quotes Aaron Swartz 🥲

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Hearing your CEO nerd out about TDDing with Ward Cunningham, the first CI servers and ORMs and the innovation power of generlists is so refreshing

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Staging envs provide a false sense of safety, and removing them in favour of doubling down on CD can ultimately increase both release quality and speed

From graduate developer to CEO of a 10k employees global company: The story of Guo Xiao
No better example how dev@core @thoughtworks is and the many paths you can take there

Yellow vests, Berlin style
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Ist der Dönerpreis zu teuer,
Subvention und Reichensteuer!

Great analysis how Netflix's bet on growing subscriber numbers could become a debt trap.
Beware of blindly trusting the platform flywheel.

How Amazon uses Echo voice data to personalize ads, on and off platform

I've made good experience with cross-posting for all the day-to-day features I use, like RTs, threads, images and mentions

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That's it! You can now follow and be followed on both networks - best of both worlds.

For more, check this excellent blog blog from @xuv

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Step 3: Set up cross-posting. I use, but there are many alternatives. It's just a 3 clicks one time setup - authorize twitter, your mastodon server, done - and forget about

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Step 2: Register and set up your profile. You got this.

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Btw, I use due to it's excellent community rules as well as climate friendlyness 💚 Also, the catchy domain. Follow me at

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Step 1: Find a server. Mastodon is federated, so you can pick a community that matches your principles and values 😍 and ALSO connect with friends from any other community, too. Start here:

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Given today's news, you want to give a try? Good news: You don't need to give up on twitter! Here's how to set up a two-way sync 👇🏻🧵

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