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If you want to improve your machine learning skills, you should work on real-world problems.

Like what about helping save lives? Sounds like a good reason to learn ML.

In this course, you'll learn how to use PyTorch and Monai for healthcare imaging.


TIL Gitlab has custom Slack emojis for each company value, so employees can point out good applications in the day-to-day about.gitlab.com/handbook/comm
Sounds like a great idea. Culture is what you do, not what you say

"Hmm this code could be improved, I wonder why noone has refactored it yet"

2 sprints and 3 stories later:
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I feel like this is an analogy of adding developers to a project:

Google Analytics illegal? Austrian court ruling raises questions whether EU companies can continue to use cloud services owned by US companies noyb.eu/en/austrian-dsb-eu-us-

Everyone, for years: Please give us "mark all as read" we're drowning in notifications

Google Chat:

How much controls should architects (or any leader) exercise?

Tight boundaries cause frustration
Loose boundaries create confusion
Appropriate boundaries create effective teams

Fundamentals of Software Architecture answers "it depends", but really well:

This week someone told me "Woa, 8 years in consulting, you must be quite flexible in dealing with different situations"😍

Such a refresh from tropes like
"jack of all trades"
"You'll be gone in 3 months"
"You don't care"
"I'll have to deal with your mess"

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A full free Stanford course on Web Security: stanford.io/2UHIu65 & all the videos too: bit.ly/web-se-vids by @feross

🍪 HTTP(S), Cookies, Sessions
🛡 Same Origin Policy
👿 Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
☠️ Cross-Site Script Inclusion
🔑 WebAuthn
and more.

I miss the days when we said "crypto" and what we meant was TLS certificates, GPG and SSH keys, SHA sums, diffie hellman key exchanges..

Hats off to freeCodeCamp for their big vision, execution and uncompromised commitment to breaking systemic barriers 👏
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I'm excited to share freeCodeCamp's big goal for the next decade:

📜 To provide computer science bachelor's degrees...
🏛️ from an accredited US university...
🆓 for free.

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Start last, build cities, maximise resources, favor ore: A data analysis of Settlers of Catan alexcates.com/post/board-game-

Summing up: My favorite talks and moments with takeaways, resources and links kaeff.postach.io/post/rc3-2021

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Tech Dominatrix. Device control as a fetish. streaming.media.ccc.de/rc3/rel Makes you realize the depth of the internet and society, with niches for every interest. It's human dreams and wishes after all, and technology creates spaces for everyone.

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When Wikileaks bumped into the CIA: Operation Kudo exposed streaming.media.ccc.de/rc3/rel Andy crticises the good and bad from a recent Yahoo article (news.yahoo.com/kidnapping-assa) and reconstructs the surveillance of Assange in London, sharing evidence from ongoing trials

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KOALitionsvertragsAnalyse streaming.media.ccc.de/rc3/rel (German) Applying the concept from software design, text mining and software architecture to the analysis of the coalition treaty (Koalitionsvertrag). Learnt about about a wide range of techniques and tools.

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Deine Software, die Sicherheitslücken und ich streaming.media.ccc.de/rc3/rel (German). Mit Lillith und Karl von zerforschung und Linus Neumann. Wie SicherheitsforscherInnen mit gefundenen Schwachstellen umgehen sollten - ethisch korrekt, aber auch zum Selbstschutz. Sehr unterhaltsam.

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Catching NSO Group's Pegasus spyware streaming.media.ccc.de/rc3/rel The story of Amnesty's forensics on what's likely the most advanced trojan-as-a-service in history

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Let's review code together media.ccc.de/v/rc3-2021-cwtv-2 (German) How to learn and have fun together by running a code reading club

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