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I need a job. While I'm applying to PhD positions, I can't wait around for that.

Nothing makes the reality that I have to do this hit hard quite like paying out 10k of bills...

Recent M.Sc. in Mathematics (Number Theory). I can do mathematics, software engineering, etc. I write English passably, and can limp by in German.

Goettingen or remote... I'll move if I must but it'd be a heavy burden at this point. USA citizen in Germany, Czech citizenship in the works but not yet in the bag. This is 2021, surely remote is possible.

Temporary or freelance work also a possibility. :boost_ok:

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Die erste Regel im Autoclub:
Stell dich nie in den Weg von Artgenoss:innen, sondern immer und nur in den von Fußgänger:innen - und meckere laut ablenkend über Escooter, die im Weg stehen.

A question: an application I want to use says in its privacy notice that it sends data to the US according to the reglementations of privacy shield, but as this has been ruled as not GDPR conform I'm pretty sure it's possible to tell them to stop. How do I do that? Is there some form I can use, or is it sufficient to write them an email?

Wichtige Ergänzung, ich habe heute gelernt dass inklusiver ist!

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Nicht einen ruhigen Tag hat man mit #seehofer & dem Jetzt versuchen sie ernsthaft noch auf den letzten Drücker Überwachungsbefugnisse in das Telekommunikationsgesetz hinein zu verhandeln, die man so nur von Diktaturen kennt:

@JohanEmpa are there any informal rules on this server? Should I introduce myself?

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Hello, I'm new to mastodon. I'm not really sure yet how this works, could you recommend people to follow? At the moment I'm interested in discussions about books, book recommendations, politics and science. I'd be happy about some mastodon tips for beginners as well!

Welcome to This server is for people in Europe, but you can connect with friends on any Mastodon server in the world.