real talk, the biggest obstacle between me and programming is that I have no creativity at all. professors tell us to try out the stuff we learn in class but I can't figure out a way to use code in practice. if I have no context for the code it feels like writing random extracts from a book that doesn't exist. is it up to me to come up with the context? how do I do that? it all feels so abstract and I can't figure things out


@talessio I struggle with this too, I hope it's okay to answer, your post popped up on my feed :) I think for me one problem is looking for something "perfect" that's actually useful, when a small but in itself not useful example would be much easier and quicker, so a trick for me is to try more to think about an example that's funny but doesn't need to make much sense.

@talessio Trying to rebuild the example used in the book (if there's one) without looking at it also serves for remembering the concept without needing much creativity :)

@lucik thank you for your ideas!! I have managed to start working on some stuff thanks to a couple of pals who had some ideas, and I will be helping them. I bypassed the need for creativity by outsourcing that to someone else hahaha. Thank you for your advice!!

@talessio Glad to hear that you've found some ideas. Maybe you can also think about stuff relevant to you and your life and come up with an idea related to it. That helps me from time to time.

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