Hello! We are new to Mastodon so here is a little to the Hollins Eco Anarchist Collective. We are Richard of Hollins, an ambling beardsman and occasional wordsmith, and Spaniel L. Jackson. We like to walk round the local area and take pictures, most of which we will post here. We are big fans of the natural world and think it would be nice if the capitalist/neoliberal hegemony that is destroying the environment could be dismantled and we just try being nice to each other.

@HooksandDragons thank you! The photos are pure luck and he chose it himself.

@meer_salt I never thought of adding pics to my introduction toot. What a wazzock I can be.

@wombat37 it’ll take a while to get used to I think. The app and web version are a little different which makes it interesting

@meer_salt I'm just concentrating on the Home timeline at the moment - people that I follow. I'll venture out into the Local and Federated ones, and hashtags, once I'm a bit comfier.


Great photos.

Where were they taken please?

I am learning to paint in water colours, so is it okay to paint the reflective lake scene?

@yorkshirestar thank you, and of course, you’re very welcome to paint them. The lodges (ponds) are on Hollins Local Nature Reserve in Bury, the deer was in the countryside near there and the horse was on Holcombe Hill just north of Bury.

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