Good evening Mastodonistas. Busy day. Sunshine this evening, mind.

Good morning Mastodonistas! Cold and damp here today, managed to get out morning amble in before the proper rain started, not that the swans minded!

Good evening Mastodonistas. How was your day? We watched some sets then had an amble. Here are some pictures.

Good morning Mastodonistas! The thistles are all out and flowering on the vale, lovely to see, such delicate little flowers on the long spiky stems.

Good evening Mastodonistas. Managed an amble this afternoon despite having the Rona. Thank you, vaccine. Here are some pictures from said amble.

Good morning Mastodonistas! Cloudy and cool today, but always a joy to see a grey heron take flight

Good morning Mastodonistas! It’s Friday! Sunny again this morning, and enjoyed the way the light caught the dew on the undergrowth in the vale this morning, turning the drops into tiny jewels.

Good evening Mastodonistas. It appears I have the ‘rona. Still managed an amble, where, as ever, M’colleague pondered the infinite.

Good morning Mastodonistas! Another sunny day for now - thunderstorm warning in place. The swans won’t mind that. Good to see that all five cygnets are still with us, the last brood went from 8 to 3 in their first couple of weeks.

Good evening Mastodonistas. Busy day. Sunny and warm. Here’s a nice sunshine pic from our evening amble - top spots, both too quick for my camera, a kingfisher and a sparrowhawk bathing in this very river.

Good morning Mastodonistas. Another lovely day here in the vale. Spotted another spotted orchid, there seem to be a lot this year, but that may be because I know what they are now and didn’t notice them before. Swans were out on the bottleneck, seem to have set up a new nest there.

Top nature spot from this evening’s amble, this green damsel fly. Can’t be more accurate than that, unless anyone has any ideas?

M’colleague had an adventure on our morning amble - a bit of hunting, a spot of fishing. He’s quite the country gent…

Good morning Mastodonistas! Lovely day for the summer solstice, spotted this marsh orchid in the long grass on the nature reserve, seem to be a few of them this year.

Good evening Mastodonistas. Sunny day. This evening’s amble pics were nice, but took this one this morning, and I thought it was rather nice.

Good morning Mastodonistas! Lovely sunny day today, the swan family were out on the bottleneck lodge in the sunshine today, and the mallard ducklings out on the cut. Have a wonderful day

Good morning Mastodonistas. Swans and gulls on this grey damp morning.

Good evening Mastodonistas. Went to art assembly today in Manchester where we saw some of YDs ! It was so good to see it in real life. Here’s some.

Good morning Mastodonistas. Bright but cooler today, but didn’t stop M’colleague having a dip. The swans also enjoying the water.

Good morning Mastodonistas. Warm and sunny in the vale today. Nature spots included roe deer, cygnets and goslings, plenty of birds and loads of rabbits.

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