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YD now worried by the chairs. Trip hazard. I liked that, proper power ballad.

Bit of a meh from me, sorry. YD a annoyed about the stairs.

This is really good. YD sums it up: they are going to win anyway, but this is actually really good.

Fancy pyjamas! Already forgotten the song, sorry

YD is not a fan. Getting a bit sweary tbh. Bit bland for me

Like a bit of rock, but as YD points out, it’s a bit weezer. If you’re going to rock, rock proper, eh?

Nice harmonies, well sung, not the most memorable

I’m supporting this evening, but basically hope music is the winner

Watching with YD. Will proffer my opinions here and on bird site. In the mean time, todays amble in video form

Good afternoon Mastodonistas! Apologies for not tooting a good morning today, I was busy! On a Saturday. Here are some pictures from this afternoon’s amble, which was splendidly sunny.

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