What instances and creators do you recommend? I'm using most of the time but would like to transition away from Google even more in 2022.

I'm interested in videos about , and (development).

Do you watch german videos? Then my instance ( could be worth to take a look.
I have very high moderation rules there cause i want a high quality instance.
Apart from that is a good address, too.

@the_white_wolf yes, I do watch german videos. Thank you very much for your answer. My first impression is that your instance is maybe a bit too gaming heavy, but surely I'll bookmark it and take a visit from time to time. I think it's a good idea to ensure good moderation.

Yes atm the instance is mainly gaming cause i'm the only one who upload many videos.
But of course i'm open to other videos if they fit into the rules:D
So if you know good YouTubers which could be interested into peertube feel free to suggest them my instance:)

And thanks for the bookmark.

@the_white_wolf great. Hm I think we'll need many more nudges to convince enough Youtubers to switch to Peertube. :) Grain by grain...

Yes. I think it would be a win already if youtubers would upload their stuff on both plattforms.

There's a (right now slightly under-contributed to) wiki on PeerTube channels and instances.
Right now I don't know many science/tech channels in English but you can check TILVids

Mayby it would help if the wiki would be explicit mentioned on the joinpeertube Website.
I think the main problem here is that the wiki isn't really visible and if a user go to the mentioned website he/she don't get any clue that something like this exists.

@Framasoft what do you think?


@the_white_wolf @tfardet @miro We have already a tool to find #PeerTube instances on Here, you can discover instances by topics and many other criteria.

Mayby we have a missunderstanding here.
I know you have a tool on your website where a user can find instances.
But what you don't have is a wiki about peertubers as far as i know.
So the idea is that link to mentioned wiki on your site, too (as second information source).
We need to make peertubers more visible for new peertube users.

@tfardet @miro

@the_white_wolf @tfardet @miro We do not wish to put this wiki on the official website as we can't guarantee what can be found on it. We are careful to share only our contents.

@Framasoft @the_white_wolf wouldn't it be possible to share it with a disclaimer that this is an independent endeavor? (just curious, it's of course perfectly fine if you also don't want to do that)

@the_white_wolf @Framasoft @tfardet @miro Yes, but the problem is that peertube is all too happy to hide sites they don’t approve of so they are not the best ones to do such a thing.

@miro Use an instance that follow many instances, as .

That way you can see what is in all of PeerTube. Some of the followed instance servers don't work though, so be wary of that. Most of the videos should work fine.

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