Hello all. Looking for somewhere a bit kinder than Twitter can sometimes be. I love gardening and am learning all the time. I also love wild flowers and nature photography. Here’s a bluebell wood near my home. 😊 xx

@GardenNicola Hello! 🤗 Lovely to meet another fan on here. Where are you based? I’m in Yorkshire.

@GardenNicola Same, really! But it’s what you do with it that counts! 😀

@mrsmhere I got a ‘No entry’ sign but it seemed to send anyhow. I captioned the picture but not sure that showed up?

@GardenNicola Oh yes, I can see both photo and caption! How green and calm it looks. What are you growing up the trellises at the back? Ivy? 😊

@GardenNicola My own garden is perhaps slightly larger but untidy by comparison! 🤭

@mrsmhere akebia quinata if you do Latin- otherwise chocolate vine. One red, one white. There’s a rose and a clematis in there too somewhere. Fairly old pic. I have to cut the akebia back hard it’s rampant. Great opportunity to change stuff when you have limited space though!

@mrsmhere what a nice picture.
#welcome to the #fediverse
I hope you like it as much as I do!

@Teckide Thank you. Everyone seems to be lovely on here. 😊

@mrsmhere beautiful! There's a bluebell wood near me too where I love to walk the dog.

@theoddbin thanks. They are special places at this time of year aren’t they? 😊

@mrsmhere hello 👋🏻 that’s a nice bluebell wood. Not wild, but here’s my Laburnum tree at night - I think it looks really cool with the light coming through

Hi there, welcome!
On the Fediverse, hashtags are really crucial for discoverability.
You might want to redo an #introduction post including this hashtag and others like #gardening, etc, so people that share the same interests can see it and get in touch with you

@mrsmhere Hello and welcome to Fediverse
You are not so wrong here and I think with the right followers, it will be nice and cosy here.
At least it is for a large part of the people here.

@holly @aral Thanks, glad you like it. I always look forward to this time of year. 😊

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