You can only play according to the rules of the market. If you don’t do so, people think you’re dumb. We need to think alternatives.

Der Liberalismus hat das Selbstbild des Menschen verätzt.

Your “democracy” is an electable oligarchy.

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I'm trying to figure out how to pay for this server in the long term

Every user cost a small amount of money. Somehow there must be a system where more users means more income to cover the costs

That's why I try to limit it to a region and that's also why I try to limit the languages

We have to discuss this. Should it be worldwide or regional? All or some languages? etc.

Until we have agreement on language policy all languages are allowed on this server.
But not all countries=too expensive

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Does anybody have a recommendation for a hydroeletric generator that could generate electricity from a small stream?

When you don't know
where you want to go,
you get the farthest.

To create art, give raw emotions a form.

Listening to music with the speakers of the MacBook Pro 16” is such a pleasure.

How many people do you think come over to Mastodon now that Musk bought Twitter?

studies focus on higher mathematics, organic chemistry, drawing, music, writing and programming.

I don't really care about the job market or traditional paths, except they help me on my mission or they are about learning or creating something stunning with other people.

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A short story about me: I dropped out of school short before graduation to pursue my passion for self-study and a self-guided training. I follow the spirit with which da Vinci lived his life. An insatiable curiosity, the desire to learn about the connections of this world and exploring the beauty which lies in various disciplines. My main principle is keeping a balance between logic and imagination, between science and art. At the moment, my ...

Don't let the frustration of racism turn you into a racist.

You cannot be against racism, facism, patriarchy, animal cruelty, exploitation, poverty and you name it, when you're not an anarchist.

(well maybe you think you can, but you're not seeing the deeper roots)

Practice is theory, just with more variables.

A single transcendent number contains the past, the present and the future.

Balance between science and art, between logic and imagination.

Humans are not so egoistic as we think. Humans are creatures of habit. When egoism gets rewarded and altruism gets punished, egoism may only be a habit cultivated by .

Time is only an illusion. It was created by humans.

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