Would be interesting to know if decentralized social platforms like the are closer to than centralized platforms with their monstrous datacenters.

The footprint of those is surely going to become an issue going forward, that's explains marquee pre-emptive actions to link them to renewables.

The question is whether intrinsically (and ceteris paribus) consumes less (because traffic remains more localized)

There's also the fact that centralised platforms like FB and Twitter (and Gmail and...) process and analyse all the data flowing through them, for the purpose of creating profiles and targeting ads.
All other things being equal, doing less work saves energy.


@owl in that vain there is also the hierarchy of text -> audio -> video usage, where the later is promoted as it stimulates more strongly even though its information content is actually the lowest :-)

but this takes us a bit into the subjective domain of whether the nature of the traffic volume justifies the resource consumption

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