must be a fractal property: true at all scales.

Flows and exchanges may happen both in the small and in the large but there should be no choke points or critical dependencies.

If you remove a part of the system, the remainder reorganises with what is left.

If you stick an obstacle, it wraps around it.

It doesn't mean that a home or a neighborhood or a city or a region or a country must be self sufficient, but they should have the structure to become so if need be.

Monocultures: biological, cultural, economic, organisational, are the ultimate dumb, non-fractal, un-sustainable designs

They are primed for catastrophic disruption where once there is a breach the whole system goes down en masse.

Why do we have them then? It seems a combination of ignorance, lazyness, greed, ill-thought optimization, group think, conformism...

is not a nice to have for political correctness, its a must have for long term

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