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yet another person who has left the fediverse because your servers blocked half the rest of the fediverse and the people who might be interested in communicating with them was blocked

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@jeffcliff First of all, I don't see where it says that in the links you posted, at all. Second of all, "half the fediverse" is an exaggeration. I mean, if you want, go ahead and run our blocked list through a stats collector to see how many users we effectively block.


@Gargron @jeffcliff its bizarre, people don't really get the yet. They want a podium to shout and some sort of captive audience that will "follow" and "like" them to stroke their egos

Its more like real life. You build an instance, a community. You keep some people out if thats what it takes. Replicating the toxicity of twitter and facebook is not what we want.

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