Hi everyone! I am searching for an |-provider which offers:
- unlimited aliases
- the upload of pgp keys
- webmail
- imap
- 2fa

So far I’ve found and @startmail

Sovrin doesn’t provide any screenshots of the web interface.
Start mail is owned by System1 and I don’t know what I should think about that..

Regarding ..

They won’t search through email’s, will they? Even then all my incoming emails are instantly encrypted and using @delta I could just send encrypted emails to anyone in my family when they download it too or just use regular smime/pgp encryption using

So it’s separated but I needed to login to the iPhone as I wanted to use Apple Pay..

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After reading this article on how to use the iPhone without an appleID I wondered if the AppStore Login is separated from the iPhone login in settings. Anyone has an idea?

They reached out to me and have their valid points to not be on here (or any other social media platforms) :)

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Hi folks! A month ago I started using as photo storage. It’s an and web-client for photos and notes. It has many features and is minimalistic too. The support is amazing as well. Just wondering when they will 💙

Damn. So much is happening on mastodon now and in this instance. My whole personal timeline is like twice as long as usual (i guess)

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There's an uptick of sign-ups on mastodon.social larger than on the day Musk bought 9.2% of Twitter's shares (that's the other peak). I suspect similar graphs across the entire Mastodon network (at least I hope so!)

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Today's big Twitter news:

“I am offering to buy 100% of Twitter" - Elon Musk

Good thing we're already on Mastodon.

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Wordle 297 4/6


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Biggest mistakes you can make about privacy:
☠️ Believing privacy is dead.
😈 Believing privacy is only for sketchy people.

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