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Lately I've heard people say:
"You gotta see things from Russia's perspective. NATO expanded more and more eastwards, it's understandable that Putin feels threatened by that."

Let me state a counter argument:
I don't give a flying fuck about what Putin thinks. Russia does everything to supress democracy. The last guy who said something against Russia has literally been poisoned. Russia already invaded a part of Ukraine. But now WE should be indulgent? The fuck we should.

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🇩🇪 Zum Europäischen #Datenschutztag appellieren EU-Abgeordnete an die EU-Kommission: Stoppt die geplante #Chatkontrolle! Eine wahllose Durchsuchung all unserer privater Nachrichten ist mit den Grundrechten nicht vereinbar!

Mehr dazu: patrick-breyer.de/europaeische

Lately I've been thinking that I should learn how to make kombucha. Apparently I am a hipster now.

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Max Schrems, the lawyer who successfully sued Facebook, has scored another victory; this time against Google: Austria's data protection authority has found that Google Analytics is illegal on European websites. #Fight4Privacy 💪💪💪
tutanota.com/blog/posts/google #GDPR #googleanalytics

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Dear everyone,

may I recommend:
'Humankind' by Rutger Bregman

Not everything that happened 2021 was bad. Here's a list of good things (that you probably haven't even heard about):


Finding glitches in video games is so damn funny

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Happy New Year from @e_mydata team!

Excited to step in 2022 with new ambitious projects to protect your privacy!

#yourdataisYOURdata #mydataisMYdata #privacy #newyear #2022 #eOS

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I watched this "don't look up" film everybody's talking about. It's really bad.

I'd like to contribute to wikipedia but I don't know shit.

The moment you realize the European Union is flawed but still by far the best place of eath

Dad: Son, can you help me with the computer?

Me: Sure, you have to click he...


Every day I'm more convinced: Nobody, not even the experts, know whether the blockchain is any good or not. We all just talk without any clue.

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