The sun and the moon come around all too quickly... Sunday is a Beamspun Sunday, when I send out some thoughts and links about humanity, nature, technology and energy. News, games, art, engineering, all in one place.

You can sign up over here:

I also want to factor in more time to clear things out. I'm really bad at this - overgrowing garden, various old tech and bits of paper and all that. Like I need to specify blocks of time for it.

Little life tweaks I'm trying out:

- Actively 'Logging out' of social media by posting I'm away, and changing to a desaturated profile image.
- Using "Send Reduced" Android app to post smaller versions of photos. Nobody needs more than 2000px wide, and saves transfer/storage energy.

Any more ideas?

Hello, can't remember where I found the link to here, but it looks intriguing and thought I would drop in :)

I'm usually over at @scribe but am looking to move to more eco/narrative-based work for my career and am finding sustainably-run tech and services, like here.

Been coding and leading a data/tech team for a while, but also have studied innovation and energy policy. Interested in eastern philosophy, photography, haiku, chaos, and compassion.

Qs welcome :)

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