Hello, can't remember where I found the link to here, but it looks intriguing and thought I would drop in :)

I'm usually over at @scribe but am looking to move to more eco/narrative-based work for my career and am finding sustainably-run tech and services, like here.

Been coding and leading a data/tech team for a while, but also have studied innovation and energy policy. Interested in eastern philosophy, photography, haiku, chaos, and compassion.

Qs welcome :)

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@scribe @scribe its a strange time. Reminds of childhood when the brain was on fire growing. Now it happens in synchrony to lots of people as the pandemic shock rewires the planet. Maybe its the intense clarity before the unavoidable end. Maybe its the birth of a new religion. In any case its better than the delusional stupefaction of 15 months ago.

Sustainable tech, open source, abundant decentralized. The fabric for a more honest society and economy.

Welcome :-)

@openrisk Thanks - strange times indeed, and probably more strangeness to come, but less strange than the one we were accustomed to :)

@vattuvarg I have! I use it a lot, usually when I get stuck in life. It's helped me immensely and I am slightly scared by it =) You?

@scribe - The book of change is a very good book and I've studied it for more than ten years now.

A much much better book than that one by master Sun...

@vattuvarg Excellent! I did give up trying to discern a general order to the sequence, and I have various questions floating around about its structure, but I am also happy just divining from it. What sort of studying do you do? I would be interesting in returning to a more in-depth look at it.

@scribe - For me the i-ching is a part of a larger system, usually combined with jungian dream interpretation.

The structure is quite simple if you watch it with fractals in mind. least in my humble opinion.

@vattuvarg Actually, yes, the fractal thing is how I see it too. Yin/yang within yin/yang, and on up and down. It's more the order of King Wen that I'm less familiar with, I guess. But the relationships between the 6 lines has been really useful over the years...

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