Met this one some years ago. Homeshipterrain.^^
( The others are just talking ).

time lapse 11:04 or so shows them in action . Lotus Elan / emma Peel-.

The stingray image had been taken at classic car. a car display once a year held in Bremen.

New Bridge, in the sky you can see black permanent dot. ( hi,hi ).
Bridge has been recycled at land before putting it back over the channel ,

Old washingplace at the Aller. ( late middle age ).

In the center of the picture in front of the eglise you can see a heli pad. -officialized )

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Die Auto-Korrektur hat aus "localhost" "localghost" gemacht. Und jetzt weiß ich auch nicht...

Es handelt sich hierbei um einen GalerieHolländer, weserab- oder aufwärts ( je nach Betrachtung ).

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