Although as usual, I think e-bikes should be looked at as car alternatives not bike alternatives and when they are used for exercising shaming people it's really bullshit and undermines what a great form of transportation they are in places with suitable infrastructure.

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For history lovers, I hope you're already listening
Our Fake History. The latest series about Benin is a great look at the fall of one of Africa's old kingdoms.

Not that great look for British empire or British museum, though...

I'm a great supporter of scientific progress, and I've written several times about fortified plant variants, such as golden rice etc.

A few days ago, I listened to a podcast about kwashiorkor, and realized - with help from Michael Hobbes - that "it's poverty, stupid".

It makes me feel stupid, and it's a healthy realization.

I find it somewhat curious, adoring and humorously stereotypical that XYZ bikes are based on CC license.

And yes, this all stems from me noticing some roads missing in And now I'm tempted to start fixing Paasikiventie tags to make it cyclable in OpenStreetMap...

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I also see lots of edits that deny access on foot or horses. In reality, it's really rare to see signs that prohibit walking or horses. I've actually seen exactly one sign prohibiting horses near Tampere, and that was on a path. Usually, horses should use road.

Pedestrians should use sidewalk if that's available, but even that isn't "no" in , I think "use_sidepath" is closer to reality, if the sidewalk is drawn separately.

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I'm slowly getting more and more annoyed of people adding their own preferences into OpenStreetMap. Cyclists being annoying or there being a cycleway nearby doesn't mean cycling on a road is prohibited.

Amazon removes support for MOBI in Send to Kindle, but adds support to (presumably non-DRM) EPUB. That counts as a positive development in my books.

I've disabled movement tracking from Google Fit, but it still counts my steps. Funny thing, and not at all in invasive sense.

I've been reading The Dawn of Everything, and boy, is it dense. It's an interesting read, but there's lots of information. It also occasionally goes into the weeds a bit too much.

Compared to Harari's Sapiens the latter is telling a simple narrative in engaging fashion and takes obvious shortcuts. Graeber & Wengrow's book presents an argument and forces you to think it through.

orgs and govs on the fediverse (+) 

I've tried for so long making this short enough to go in a toot.. I'm just gonna make it a bit longer instead and it'll be two toots..

I've said many times that I think the fediverse is a much better place for organisations and governmental bodies than closed social media. When not chasing money the fediverse is just a better place to be, when you want to inform or engage.

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