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Tax cuts for the rich lead to higher income inequality. But they do not have any significant effect on economic growth or unemployment. Evidence for 18 OECD countries over 1965-2015 in this new paper published in Socio-Economic Review:

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New hobby: prototyping video games in 60 seconds using a combination of GPT-3 and DALL-E

Here's "Raccoon Heist"

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Yesterday, together with @kolinko, we opened FreeSpace - it is a hacker workshop/climate hardware venture builder based in Warsaw. Let me know if you have climate hardware ideas you'd like to build, my DMs are open!

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Members @kvatt_packaging make reusable protective packaging that works. Using their packaging is super simple, send out your item and the receiver can return the packaging directly back to Kvatt for cleaning or recycling.

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The elephant in the room is that many PHEVs are just not charged very often. This excellent study of 9,000 vehicles from the @TheICCT found PHEVs were driven in electric mode 45-49% of time for private buyers (not bad!) but just 11-15% for company cars.

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- €25,126 net
- 112 km/week solar charging
- 305 km battery range
- 54 kWh LFP battery
- 75 kW DC fast charging
- 11 kW AC bidirectional charging (after SOP OTA)
- 120 kW Motor
- Integrated Sono Carsharing App
- Tow Bar (optional)

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Don't take compliments ( written by @ASmallFiction )

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As anyone who has ever tried to hire people will tell you, “capability to carry simple plans to conclusion without being micromanaged” is extremely valuable, far rarer than many people think, and difficult to distinguish from complete inability in an interview.

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The partisan and anti-science “supreme court” will likely rule on Monday against the EPA’s ability to regulate climate emissions, effectively shutting down the last best avenue for climate action by the US. The ramifications could last thousands of years.

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A typical 🇺🇦 day.
Wake up, drink coffee, grab laptop and start working, get air raid notification, hide in the hall "2 walls rule", hear explosions, ask all friends/colleagues if they are ok, continue working, wait until air siren is off, make more coffee and charge the laptop.

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They found the cause of SIDS

Excuse me while I cry for all the parents, including lead researcher Dr Carmel Harrington, who lived with guilt. And cry happy tears for parents in the future who will have access to screening and prevention. 😭

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This year for @KubeCon_ we are taking the from Berlin to Valencia. 2500km of high-speed trains, crossing 4 countries, all in a single day. The best part: compared to flying this brings down our bill from 150kg to just 10kg per person.

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Republicans are getting very upset people keep retweeting this ad so I figured I would post for any of you who haven’t seen it yet and then I am going to retweet myself tonight.

Almost one in five newly sold cars in the EU is either fully electric or plug-in hybrid 🤯
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Casi uno de cada cinco coches recién vendidos en la Unión Europea es totalmente eléctrico o híbrido enchufable!


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Listen up, friends. I’ve lived a long time in this country. I’ve experienced a lot. And I know, and have a deep sense, when things are beginning to spiral.

We are at that point. We’ve been approaching it for some time, but the warning signs were in smaller, discrete pieces. /1

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and -related 🧵
In the past year, I've traveled 13k km solely through EV. I live in Poland, where most of our electricity comes from fossil fuels (coal and gas).
EV charging infrastructure still has a long way to go, but it's getting better every year

At the current fuel prices, even with elevated electricity prices, an electric vehicle is saving you 63-102€ a month! That's more than the price difference between new petrol and electric versions of the same car model. This makes the EV actually cheaper than ICE 🤯
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Hemos actualizado nuestro folleto con preguntas frecuentes sobre vehículos eléctricos con precios de combustible y luz actuales. Los VEs nunca es…

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