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📢 Ya conocemos a las 50 startups que mostrarán su innovación en el el 15/10 y 16/10

⌛️ A solo 2 semanas de ver todo este talento desplegado en la plaza del @AjuntamentVLC

👀 Descubre si tu es una de las seleccionadas 👉 vitemprende.es/es/conoce-las-s

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⚡️ El día dos empieza en la Feria del Vehículo Eléctrico

Ven a hablar con nosotros sobre:

🔌Cargadores para tu negocio
📈Formas de aumentar los ingresos de negocio
💰Como empezar sin inversión

📍Plaza de Colón


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🔌 ¿Quieres ofrecer recarga de vehículos para tus empleados o clientes?

Encuéntranos este fin de semana en la Feria del Vehículo Eléctrico en Madrid y descubre cómo puedes aumentar los ingresos de tu negocio con nosotros.

📍Plaza de Colón, @MADRID
📌Stand C37


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Are you in Berlin for already? Come to Jansen Bar this Sunday evening and network with other attendees


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"Every kWh of electricity Europe generates from solar, wind, hydropower and biomass geothermal or green hydrogen makes us less dependent on Russian gas.

With the , we will invest up to €300 billion to accelerate the green switch."

President @vonderleyen at

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Cheaper, Cheaper, Cheaper ☀️

The price of solar modules declined by 99.6% since 1976.

We couldn't hide the iron because all the empty spots were taken by the clothes we're supposed to iron. That's what I call an irony

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Ok I'll bite. Open Source used to have the word "Free" in front of it (FOSS)

The "free" in that Open Source meant:

Free for consumers to use, copy, study, modify, redistribute the code.

That does not mean:

Free labor from the producers and maintainers of that code. /1 twitter.com/kelseyhightower/st

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⚠️ Deepfakes: ne soyons pas dupes !!

Via @alvinfoo

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@bobbyllew This one came up on my YouTube today and is worth a watch: youtube.com/watch?v=SD9yVca6hH

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Tax cuts for the rich lead to higher income inequality. But they do not have any significant effect on economic growth or unemployment. Evidence for 18 OECD countries over 1965-2015 in this new paper published in Socio-Economic Review:

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New hobby: prototyping video games in 60 seconds using a combination of GPT-3 and DALL-E

Here's "Raccoon Heist"

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Yesterday, together with @kolinko, we opened FreeSpace - it is a hacker workshop/climate hardware venture builder based in Warsaw. Let me know if you have climate hardware ideas you'd like to build, my DMs are open!

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Members @kvatt_packaging make reusable protective packaging that works. Using their packaging is super simple, send out your item and the receiver can return the packaging directly back to Kvatt for cleaning or recycling.

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The elephant in the room is that many PHEVs are just not charged very often. This excellent study of 9,000 vehicles from the @TheICCT found PHEVs were driven in electric mode 45-49% of time for private buyers (not bad!) but just 11-15% for company cars.

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- €25,126 net
- 112 km/week solar charging
- 305 km battery range
- 54 kWh LFP battery
- 75 kW DC fast charging
- 11 kW AC bidirectional charging (after SOP OTA)
- 120 kW Motor
- Integrated Sono Carsharing App
- Tow Bar (optional)

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Don't take compliments ( written by @ASmallFiction )

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As anyone who has ever tried to hire people will tell you, “capability to carry simple plans to conclusion without being micromanaged” is extremely valuable, far rarer than many people think, and difficult to distinguish from complete inability in an interview.

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The partisan and anti-science “supreme court” will likely rule on Monday against the EPA’s ability to regulate climate emissions, effectively shutting down the last best avenue for climate action by the US. The ramifications could last thousands of years.

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