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FACT: Short replacement cycles create the majority of climate change and resource problems for the electronics industry.⚡

Here’s 5 things #Fairphone is doing to make sure you can keep your phone as long as possible! 🌍 💚

#co2 #climatecrisis #lesswaste #builttolast #ecodesign

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For Mastodon server admins, a bit more about the "authorized fetch" feature.

It makes it more difficult for blocked accounts to interact with public posts on your server. It's not fool-proof as public posts can always be scraped by outsiders, but it makes life harder for trolls etc so it might be a good idea to switch it on.

It isn't controlled from the graphical interface, it can only be activated by editing a file on the server manually. There are technical details here:


If you're on a managed hosting service, don't worry about the technical details. You can ask the service itself to make the necessary changes.

As it says in the documentation, "authorized fetch" isn't on by default. According to the developers this is due to the additional resources it consumes and the possibility of breaking compatibility with instances running older software.

It's up to the admin of each instance to decide what the best balance is.

#Mastodon #Fediverse #MastoAdmin

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You can block nasty people on Mastodon at a personal level, by clicking the "..." below their post or on their profile and selecting "Block". You can also block their entire server by selecting "Block domain".

However, personal blocks will not stop them from communicating with other people on your server.

Your server's admin can create server level blocks, which are much more powerful than personal blocks. Server level blocks completely prevent the blocked person communicating with anyone on your server.

If you see someone being a bully or doing other anti-social and nasty stuff, the best option might be to report them to your server's admin, by clicking "Report..." instead of "Block...". Reports can also be optionally forwarded anonymously to the nasty person's home server, where the admin can delete the nasty account if needed.

Server-level blocks can be made even more effective if your admin activates "Authorized fetch" (also known as "Secure mode"). Ask them about it.

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Ein bisschen traurig macht mich das schon. Farewell 👑

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Do you run a Fediverse instance?

Do you block other instances?

Do you breakdown your Fediverse blocks by category?

Do you want the Fediverse to be a safer place and are willing to put time/effort into making that happen?

I'd like to talk to you for an upcoming project.

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Looks like a lot ofpeople are confused/annoyed by Mastodon and many other Fediverse platforms not backfilling old posts when an account is followed.

This complete lack of backfilling means that many new accounts or those with few followers may appear completely blank, even if they've posted lots of interesting stuff.

If you agree and think Mastodon should backfill at least some posts when people follow an account, please give this issue a thumbs up:


If you're not comfortable using github, let me know and I can try to post on your behalf.

#Mastodon #Fediverse #Backfilling

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@JohanEmpa this might interest you:

Hardware probably is much more difficult, though

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Wusstet ihr, dass Avocado aus Südamerika, nur nen Bruchteil der CO2 Bilanz von Rindfleisch aus Deutschland hat?
Avocado 600g - Rindfleisch 21,7 kg Wow!
4. Teil der Arte Doku ab minute 2.45 arte.tv/de/videos/104802-004-A

Cynthia Rosenzweig ist eine tolle Frau, sehr interessant.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cynthia_ #Ernährung #landwirtschaft #umwelt #Klimakatastrophe

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Wir können gerade auch noch nicht mehr dazu sagen außer im Sharepic unten. Morgen um 18 Uhr geben wir mehr Details bekannt.


bzw. wegen "Premiere" ausnahmsweise auch der YouTube-Link:

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Question for speakers:
Are both of these gramatically correct?

Іди на хуй Путін

трахни тебе Путін

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Fun fact: Anybody who went to school can mathematically proof that refugees don't increase the crime rate.

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How many spam or false accounts do you believe exist on Mastodon?
(As a percentage of active users)

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Elon Musk and Twitter will meet in court later this year.

Who do you think will win at trial?

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Umfrage: Welche #Firefox Add-ons nutzt ihr bzw. findet ihr hilfreich?

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1⃣4⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣ Follower im #Fediverse. Danke, ihr seid die Besten! 😘

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Wer E-Mails an E-Mail-Konten bei Microsoft (Outlook, Hotmail etc.) verschickt, muss damit rechnen, dass Fremde die E-Mail im Volltext lesen. Mehr dazu morgen früh im Beitrag von @rufposten auf dem Kuketz-Blog. 📨

#Spam #EMail #Microsoft #E2E

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