apparently i wear glasses now 😭

@talessio oh, no, what happened? Did you sit too close to the TV? 📺

@JohanEmpa spending your days in front of a computer screen and being 30 yo does that to your eyes 😂

@talessio I started wearing glasses when I was around 20 years old. Took a couple of years getting used to it, but then I liked it. 😎

@JohanEmpa i'm already forgetting them on, so that's a good start, I guess! I went for a neutral style that won't age badly so that I don't need new ones any time soon (gotta reduce consuption and all that)

@talessio i highly recomend "better sight without glasses" by harry bejamin. Ive already improved my eyesight from -7 with 1.5 astigmatism to -5.5 with 1 dioptry of astigmatism in 1.5 month

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