i see people on social media really doing everything in their power to fly abroad back to their families and i'm like... can't relate. i don't care enough about this fake christian holiday. I would have spent it on my own rather than risking to spread this disease any further

@talessio how would you personally define 'essential.'
It seems the vagueness becomes the springboard for peoples pandemic-prolonging antics

@emissarytoearth don’t get me wrong, seeing loved ones is most definitely essential, but this is a global emergency and communal wellbeing should be prioritised. Still, my comment was more about how I can’t relate with this obsession over Christmas with family, it’s just not something that I care that much about. I could spend it by myself and wouldn’t be too bothered.

@talessio fair enough, I agree with you and have a similar disposition. Where I am the government has been quite vague on what is essential and haven't done much to force people to think of the common good beyond ineffectual gentle chiding

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