@JohanEmpa thank you!! Uni, mostly, but also started a podcast and working (and stopped working out, no time 🥲)

Hi! I’ve been away for a while, oops. It’s been a busy few months!

Today is trans day of visibility, and Italy has recorded the highest number of homicides of trans people in the continent. Our parliament is still discussing if a bill against homo-transphobia should be enacted or not. This needs to happen immediately.

@lucik thank you for your ideas!! I have managed to start working on some stuff thanks to a couple of pals who had some ideas, and I will be helping them. I bypassed the need for creativity by outsourcing that to someone else hahaha. Thank you for your advice!!

@JohanEmpa I mean it doesn't have to be that advanced really, but I just have zero creativity lol

@JohanEmpa advanced programming... it's interesting and useful (and a lot to remember!)

@JohanEmpa everyone I know struggles with this apparently, and now that it’s all online we also struggle with distance studying. We can’t even rely on each other to just do homework together, it’s a mess 😢 thank you for your idea though, I’ll see if anyone is available for some project

real talk, the biggest obstacle between me and programming is that I have no creativity at all. professors tell us to try out the stuff we learn in class but I can't figure out a way to use code in practice. if I have no context for the code it feels like writing random extracts from a book that doesn't exist. is it up to me to come up with the context? how do I do that? it all feels so abstract and I can't figure things out

@cadadr@mastodon.sdf.org volere è potere! Poi comunque lo scrivi già bene, non credo che avrai difficoltà a riprendere

@cadadr@mastodon.sdf.org tenere vive le lingue non è facile, ma è anche vero che non muoiono mai completamente. sono sicuro che torneresti perfettamente fluente con poco impegno :)

@matt yeah happened to me too. Guess I’ll watch fewer videos 🤷🏻

@JohanEmpa I’ve only deactivated it for the moment, to see if I miss it, etc. I’m not a fan of how it’s run and how it affects my time and mental health - but I am also not a fan of not being able to keep in touch with people :( idk

I've deactivated my instagram, idk how I feel about it. on the one hand there's loads of people I've met abroad and online that I wouldn't be in touch with if I deleted it entirely, but on the other hand... is a relationship that dies after social media is gone really worth the time I spend on a platform like insta? mh.

@matt I feel like this is something he would absolutely do

@tewha @brunoph yeah my thoughts exactly, a friend of mine is allergic to caffeine. The other way around might just turn out to be a bummer

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"please disable your content/ad blocker" is asking someone to make an exception to their security posture for your site to work. It's not better than "please disable your AV software"

As a rule, that's a terribly rude and foolish request, and you should be ashamed. If there's a genuinely good reason why you'd ask a user to take risks to view your content, you should be very clear about what that reason is — and "it doesn't work otherwise" is not clear

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