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I think it might finally be that time of the year when I can drink mulled wine and eat chestnuts and wear flannel shirts and extra warm socks and NOBODY will get between me and my desire for extreme koselighet

Why are people complaining about Apple and chargers? Don’t you all have more than you need anyway? We must have close to 7 chargers in my house and there’s only 3 phones and one tablet to charge.

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Dear #Fediverse

do you know some good resources to help people find tech jobs?

as the pandemic has tanked the worldwide economy many companies have laid people off

at the same time, some sectors are growing like crazy and hiring

Do you know some resources that can help job seekers?

Resources to help with resume reviews?

Job sites specializing in remote openings?

Job sites for specific sectors?

FLOSS friendly job listings?

Post to this thread and include #TechJobResources hashtag

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I don't think y'all get it. Bolsonaro survived it, so will Trump. We're dealing with dictator blood here

Hello Mastodon :) still trying to figure this out

Welcome to This server is for people in Europe, but you can connect with friends on any Mastodon server in the world.