are continuously exploring ways to reduce our dependencies and expenses. Recently we joined a local, small farm herd share to replace our Almond milk w/ A2 raw milk. I'm concerned w/ the ingredients in almond milk, and in recent years have been deepening my connection back to nature through food. Today we enjoyed our first batch of homemade yogurt. It was delicious, wholesome, and now we're no longer collecting plastic tubs or spending $10-15 per week on yogurt.


Other benefits:

1. the farm is local, and small. We can talk to them any time. They are very transparent about their practices and cow care.

2. they farm consciously and sustainably. Unlike commercial dairy farms, they keep calves with cows until the calves are weaned.

3. support of local, small farmers build resiliency in our local community.

4. the milk comes in glass jars that are returned each week - no waste there.

5. I make my own yogurt culture, no purchases necessary.

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@tickfoot - I wish I knew more about cultivating microorganisms. ...but of another kind.

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