This 👉 "...the truth is, no matter how many young people choose to farm, no matter how many bunches of kale are made into smoothies, or canvas shopping bags are packed full of colorful carrots and lacy heads of lettuce, no matter how many hip new restaurants declare themselves farm-to-fork, none of these things address the policies that dictate how our country’s food system works, policies that have created a society in which the small farmer can’t even earn a living."

@tickfoot excellent article, thanks for sharing.

"Only the largest farms, which represent just 10 percent of farming households in the country and most of which received large government subsidies, earned the majority of their income from farm sources" this is pretty much the status quo on this side of the pond too : the EU keeps showering industrial farms with subsidies (free market huh?) while small farms suffer and live in semi-poverty


@tickfoot the funniest bit is that industrial agriculture is inefficient, polluting, dangerously exposed to speculation (food futures are a thing) and is utterly incompatible with any serious environmental policy. But since politicians love lobby money more than anything else, we're stuck with the status quo for the foreseeable future.


@antanicus It's awful, which is why we were so keen to get into small farming. I just didn't anticipate how truly difficult it would be to sell vegetables. Everyone has to eat right? But everyone is used to cheap, on-demand, year-round imported veg regardless of the garbage social and economic ethics and meager nutritional quality associated with it. Not to mention the social belief that if a bean gives you a stomach ache you should take the farmer making $0.36 per hour to court for it.

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