What are your favorite summer crop varieties? Let's make a fedi faves list. ✨ 🍅 🥕 🌱

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- West Virginia Mountaineer Delight Tomatoes: Highly productive, disease-resistant, and overall easy and pleasant to have in the garden. In my experience they are really tolerant of inconsistent/dramatic weather conditions.

- Contender Green Beans: Prolific bush bean variety with great flavor and continuous production through the season. Hold up well to pest stress.

- Marketmore Cucumber: Very high yields with seemingly continuous supply. Easy to start and keep. Nice flavor.

- Sweet Genovese Basil: Highly productive, rich in flavor. Very easy keeper in the garden. Makes excellent pesto that can be frozen and used throughout the winter months.

- Cosmic Purple Carrots: Bright sweet flavor, stunningly beautiful purple exterior with orange interior. Easy to start and grows without much fuss. Does really well with drip irrigation.

- Super Shepherd Sweet Pepper: Rich sweet flavor, high yield, thick-walled high quality fruits. Easy to start and grow. One of the last plants to leave the garden going into fall! Excellent roasted and frozen to enjoy throughout winter months.

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@tickfoot we also like cosmic purple carrots and marketmore cukes! Some other faves of ours:

Mississippi Purple Pod pole beans - very heat tolerant, fun color, minimal string and very productive

Sungold cherry tomatoes - incredible flavor. Great orange color. Would be great in a salad but we usually end up snacking on them right away.

Mr. Stripey tomatoes - big, juicy, colorful and delicious slicer. Great for sandwiches.


Theres also a tomato variety around here I wish I knew more about called Mountain Magic. They're on the smaller side and not the most exciting, but they're very blight resistant, which counts for a lot.

@tickfoot peppers (sweet&hot), okra, beans, tomatoes, basil, tobacco ;-)

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