Fedi folks who lacto-ferment: can you use a cloth lid if the veg/fruit is submerged completely in a salt water brine? I fermented a glass jar of blueberries with 2% salt, weighed down with a ziplock bag of water, with a paper towel and rubber band over top of the jar. 5 days later it smells sweet but a little bit like wine. I have cucumbers and jalapenos going the same way and now I'm wondering if I should I do new batches with proper lids instead?

Thanks, everyone! This was very helpful. I decided to compost what I had and start again. Some of it smelled gross and was slimy and I figure if my stomach turns then best to let the compost eat it 😂

I'm going to try the glass jars with clasping glass lids this time instead. I have a couple of those jars and I'll just "burp" it every day and see how that goes.

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