Today I was thinking back on how much @winduptoy and I have explored together since we met. Years ago we did a bit of letterpress printing, mostly just for fun, with the occasional wedding invitation job request mixed in. Here are a few throwback photos to our print shop days running the family's Baltimore Jobber. Most of the art here was linocut layered onto printed lego pattern.

The progress of our urban market garden from January 2020 until today. πŸ€— It's not just us enjoying this place, but an abundance of wildlife - bats, birds, deer, groundhogs, squirrels, racoons, rabbits, toads, lizards, and insects all working together to make it an oasis of nourishment.

We've made a lot of progress on our rural plot in just a few weeks. We're working to turn this conventionally farmed space into a permanent no-till, biologically restored market garden. So far so good - I expect we'll get a run for our money this season on keeping plants happy. πŸ˜…

Yesterday I mentioned the use of Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) in soil and plant health. Here are some photos of the creation process. Rinse white rice, saving the water (first rinse, poured through the rice a few times) in a jar and let it sit for ~3d. Spoon top residue off. Add 1 part rice water to 10 parts organic milk. Cover jar with cheesecloth and let sit on counter ~6d. Strain, compost curd, refrigerate the yellow liquid. Dilute 1:1000 w/water. Foliar spray or drench.

In March we built a new market garden plot of permanent raised beds. We tarped the area for 2 months then tilled. In doing so we unearthed all kinds of trash that the careless generation before us left behind, and concluded that whatever biology was in the soil was probably glad to be put out of its misery. Here we are 2 months later and the biology is now abundant and thriving. In this case, tilling was a useful tool for the acute treatment of biologically lethargic soil.

I love this time of year, when the bebe buns emerge. Today while visiting my dad and walking through his garden I spotted a baby bun snoozing under the arugula like it was a tiny creature pergola. How magical it must be to be a baby bun napping under arugula. These photos are from our garden. This little bun seemed blissed out by the lavender. Me too. 🐰 🌿

We started planting at our beginning farmer incubator space today. We prepped the beds with mushroom compost, sowed the seeds, and then applied LAB (lactic acid bacteria) and Dandelion FPJ (fermented plant juice) amendments. We made the LAB and FPJ ourselves, following the Korean Natural Farming techniques.

1 bed of beans sowed βœ…, 19 beds of other delights to go.

When food is this beautiful you eat twice; once with your eyes and later on your plate.

A few more photos - sage in bloom, the morning's radish harvest, and valerian working on some blooms.

I thought I'd share some photos from our market garden. This is our first year growing for our community. Our practices are no-till, regenerative, with a focus on nurturing soil biology. Our garden is in a small urban location, growing on about 1/8 acre or so.

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