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This enormous brussels sprout leaf blows my mind. These plants were really struggling a couple of weeks ago (hit hard by loopers, harlequin beetles, and groundhogs) so I poured a 5 gallon brew of vermicompost tea over the bed and now this. Pretty wild. Plus I am trying a new interplanting this year, brussels and arugula and I am super pleased with it. The broad leaves of the brussels shade the arugula and keep it from bolting. @gardening @plants

Two beautifully simple bread loaves, fresh from the oven, with no place to be except in my grateful little mouth. 🤤

📷 : two bread loaves on striped towel in kitchen.

The cool mornings, shorter days, and crescendo of evening cricket songs all remind me that the time to preserve and plan for our winter food supply is upon us. This weekend we made and canned salsa, froze fresh basil pesto, sweet peppers, eggplant medallions, basil leaves, and @winduptoy made some remarkably impressive hot sauce.

📷 : homemade salsa in jars resting on cloth on counter.

We've been elated to see so many male and female Goldfinch in our garden this week. In-between singing lovely little songs they frequent the sunflowers, pulling seeds from the aging heads. @plants

Picked a load of taylor's dwarf beans to make a cold bean salad with. It took awhile to shell them all, but what a treat. The flavor is something like a cannelini and lima cross, really tasty. And these colors 😍

32 lbs of tomatoes hand-picked off the vine and delivered to the local homeless shelter.

This is our first season Brix testing. These came in around 5. Our goal is 12. It is a slow process, building gardens that are capable of achieving this level of nutrient density, but it is something we feel is so very important. For ourselves and for humanity. And we sure do love a good challenge.

Hot pepper season in full force. Cayenne and red jalapenos picked this morning. I think we'll hang and dry most of the cayenne and enjoy the jalapeno this week. Open to recipe suggestions!

Organic and happy melon patch. Can't wait to enjoy the sweet juicy goodness.

Loads of Basil made into loads of Pesto. Frozen in muffin tins so we can easily grab these for quick, nutritious meals all winter long. Our simple, go-to recipe is basil, garlic, evoo, and walnuts. @garden

Another little Praying Mantis - just hanging out on the Elderberries. If lucky, I might see one or two of these in a season. Between these and the baby toads, I've completely lost count this year. Simple joys. 🌿

@gardening @plants

No matter how many times it happens in life, finding a Praying Mantis is always so dang exciting. @gardening

These Cosmic purple carrots might be the most enchanting harvest yet.

Homemade basil pesto, thin sliced beets, zucchini and pasta. All freshly harvested from the garden. Delightful meals take very little effort when your ingredients are fresh and 💯 naturally grown.

We added to our farm crew today with a batch of red wriggler composting worms. We made this simple up-cycled vermicomposting bin out of kitty litter containers that a friend saved for us. The worms were quick to dive into the compost we prepared for them. Tonight they are feasting on a buffet of freshly pruned swiss chard leaves. 🐛 These worms will give us ample amount of nutrient dense organic matter to distribute into our soils. @plants

Farming, particularly small, organic farming which is 99% hand managed, is a ton, I mean a ton, of sweaty, dirty, thankless work... and well, I love it. I really do. 🤸

Over 20 lbs of summer squash harvested today. I hope some locals are ready to dine real fine.

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