32 lbs of tomatoes hand-picked off the vine and delivered to the local homeless shelter.

This is our first season Brix testing. These came in around 5. Our goal is 12. It is a slow process, building gardens that are capable of achieving this level of nutrient density, but it is something we feel is so very important. For ourselves and for humanity. And we sure do love a good challenge.

Organic and happy melon patch. Can't wait to enjoy the sweet juicy goodness.

These Cosmic purple carrots might be the most enchanting harvest yet.

We added to our farm crew today with a batch of red wriggler composting worms. We made this simple up-cycled vermicomposting bin out of kitty litter containers that a friend saved for us. The worms were quick to dive into the compost we prepared for them. Tonight they are feasting on a buffet of freshly pruned swiss chard leaves. 🐛 These worms will give us ample amount of nutrient dense organic matter to distribute into our soils. @plants