@tefferbear Nice! It will be interesting to see what you get. Sometimes poor pollination on corn makes for really neat patterns of kernels on the cob. Perhaps it will be a neat art experiment if nothing else 😂

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@tefferbear I should add that a single corn stalk can produce its own cob (it has both female and male anatomy); however pollination is far more successful when other corn stalks are nearby as corn is pollinated by the wind. The more corn, the more tassels (male anatomy and pollen) and therefore higher chances of successful pollination.

@tefferbear This is the female parts of the corn's anatomy. These are called silks and once pollinated by the pollen from the tassel (the male anatomy) the silks will produce a cob full of corn kernels - the part you harvest :)

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"Scientists spent a decade intensively monitoring the impacts of a large government-funded experiment at Hillesden, a 1,000-hectare commercial arable farm in Buckinghamshire. (...) Numbers of some butterfly species including the gatekeeper and green-veined white doubled, and birds that usually feed on insects benefited from the shelter provided by hedges and grass margins, including the great tit, up 88%, and blue tit, up 73%. They also found that overall yields at Hillesden were maintained – and enhanced for some crops – despite the loss of agricultural land for habitat creation."

The science is in: permaculture works, it can feed us all and it helps the planet too.


@flip Very wise. I think I read somewhere recently that Boston is one of the best cities for bicycling.

Found Chicken of The Woods (Laetiporus cincinnatus) on our hike this morning. 😍

@flip A few thoughts...
- Asheville, NC: beautiful and a lot of creative energy throughout. wildabundance.net is out of Asheville and they have so many neat permaculture offerings.
- Roanoke, VA: low cost of living, tons of trails (including the AT) for hiking and biking, rivers for water access, and generally a great outdoor scene. Small but neat little city.
- Savannah, GA: beautiful, coastal, lots of city parks and some really great dining.

Maybe this will spark some ideas for you 🤷‍♀️

@flip Do you have any specific interests that would make one area more interesting than another?

@JohanEmpa pricing is in euros but i believe it's available for use in the USA.

@ffsanton I cannot imagine what you're going through, but I can tell you that focusing on art can be a very nice escape from the unfathomable reality. I hope you keep creating - art of any kind is a tonic for humanity.

I am sad
for people
so engulfed in the madness
of the purchase
walled off
from the beauty
the bliss
of the natural
world that
their remembering
of their own

@awildthorp Lacinato kale, hardneck garlic, rainbow swiss chard, Danvers 126 Carrots, Winter Keeper Beets!

I had the joy of helping teach a class of 1st and 2nd graders about vermicomposting this week. They started out completely disgusted and left totally in love with these neat little creatures. I made this 5-gallon demo worm bin that I'll use at other workshops in the future, spreading the gospel of red wrigglers. 😂


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