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Energypedia is a wiki platform for collaborative knowledge exchange on renewable energy, energy access, and energy efficiency topics in developing countries

One garden's pest is another creature's dinner.

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Sometimes life is fleeting.
Time flows differently at scales big and small.

Found both a bee and a damselfly that had used their allotment of time in this passing through.

Couple of macro shots.

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Today I was thinking back on how much @winduptoy and I have explored together since we met. Years ago we did a bit of letterpress printing, mostly just for fun, with the occasional wedding invitation job request mixed in. Here are a few throwback photos to our print shop days running the family's Baltimore Jobber. Most of the art here was linocut layered onto printed lego pattern.

The progress of our urban market garden from January 2020 until today. 🤗 It's not just us enjoying this place, but an abundance of wildlife - bats, birds, deer, groundhogs, squirrels, racoons, rabbits, toads, lizards, and insects all working together to make it an oasis of nourishment.

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We've migrated off of Github and Gitlab and now run git on a small home server to host all of our projects. Explaining how to `git init --bare --shared` over SSH while being mindful of all the gotchas and permissions details of running a Linux box isn't really something that everyone cares to master. So I made a simple CGI script to create new repos in one click, all served over our Gemini in-home dashboard. ~50 lines. #selfhosted #gemini

We've made a lot of progress on our rural plot in just a few weeks. We're working to turn this conventionally farmed space into a permanent no-till, biologically restored market garden. So far so good - I expect we'll get a run for our money this season on keeping plants happy. 😅

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@brianzable I see. That's how we've been doing it too. Just tricky when intensive planting. I might go wild and test it close to a plant or two just to see what happens.

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A lot of small farmers reuse old clothes washers to spin and dry their greens. We don't have space for such a thing on our small urban plot, so I made this stupid thing. Total cost: $0.00.

@brianzable I've only made it sans the cheese, but it was so easy and delicious - soft with a crispy exterior.

@brianzable do you have any trouble with the nitrogen from the grass burning the plant roots as it ages?

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My wife @tickfoot and I harvested and sold our first ever produce this month while small farming as our sort-of full-time job. I'll be publishing the numbers every month as well as a year-end report. Obviously we're not in it for the money. 💸


"What we need is a great, powerful, tremulous falling back in love with our old, ancient, primordial Beloved, which is the Earth herself."

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