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We started planting at our beginning farmer incubator space today. We prepped the beds with mushroom compost, sowed the seeds, and then applied LAB (lactic acid bacteria) and Dandelion FPJ (fermented plant juice) amendments. We made the LAB and FPJ ourselves, following the Korean Natural Farming techniques.

1 bed of beans sowed ✅, 19 beds of other delights to go.

When food is this beautiful you eat twice; once with your eyes and later on your plate.

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Images are: rainbow chard, buttercrunch bib lettuce heads, oregano, and strawberries. The strawberries are planted in our experimental Hügelkultur bed.

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A few more photos - sage in bloom, the morning's radish harvest, and valerian working on some blooms.

I thought I'd share some photos from our market garden. This is our first year growing for our community. Our practices are no-till, regenerative, with a focus on nurturing soil biology. Our garden is in a small urban location, growing on about 1/8 acre or so.

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