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The Birds and the Bees 🦜 + 🐝

A garden is a veritable jungle of plant and animal life. It forms part of an ecosystem that spreads across the city providing transit corridors for bird and insect life.

#Garden #Gardening #GrowYourOwn

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Let's do an experiment.
Go in one's house. Snoop around in their kitchen, fridge, closet, bedroom. Just casually looking round, taking notes of what's going on.
When caught, hand them over a piece of paper and let them tick a box to "opt out".

Politely leave their personal space.

If you find another maze in the law to get in, do so.

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It’s so easy to forget so here I am reminding myself again

The fact that I have

- a roof over my head
- clean water
- safe, sanitary food
- access to medical services
- stable and disposable income
- leisure time for personal pursuits

puts my existence on par with a level of luxury completely inaccessible to nearly every human alive

and unfathomable to nearly every single human who has ever lived and died

It’s so easy to forget

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Compost: Growing Soil 🪱

Creating good “living soil” is best achieved with the addition of composted organic material. Making your own compost therefore becomes an essential part of good gardening practice.

#Garden #Gardening #GrowYourOwn

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So how do we reduce emissions?

By USING LESS ENERGY. Anyone saying that some new and fancy tech is going to solve things for us is wrong. Adding more tech means using more energy.

We have to stop adding energy generation in order to stop Jevon's Paradox.

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Every time I go to a beach, I pick up rubbish – mostly plastic. Yes, you read that right: I take a rubbish bag and a pair of these barbecue forceps with me and start pulling toothbrushes, plastic bottles and tampons out of the sand while I walk along the beach. And fragments of fishnets. Yes, it is not only a rumour: Most of the ocean waste is fishnets. So, we should really really also think of stopping eating fish to save fish.

This happens on the most hidden beaches – the plastic lands in the ocean, and the waves wash it ashore. This picture was taken on a beach in Denmark some days ago. I didn't only find plastic that day, but also four dead gannets and a shark-sized fish I couldn't identify any more – with plastic in their stomach.

So please: Whenever you come to a beach: Leave it a bit cleaner when you go. Thank you!

#BeachCleanUp #rubbish #plastic #ZeroWaste #ZeroPlastic #SaveTheOcean #SaveThePlanet #beach #StopPlastic #NorthSea

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“Plants intelligently perceive much more of their environment than is often apparent to the casual observer. Touch can induce profound rapid responses… in Arabidopsis changes in gene expression can be seen within minutes after the plant feels touch, and over 700 genes have altered transcript levels within 30 minutes.”

We let a lot of the radish go to seed because I really love the tiny flowers it produces and so do the pollinators! When it dries out we'll harvest and save the seeds. Each pod has about 10 seeds in it and there's about oh I don't know, 500 or so pods 😂

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🧄 Hardneck Garlic harvest 🧄

We'll store most of it for our own enjoyment through winter and replant some of it again in the fall. We're using our plant starting racks as a curing station - I'm hopeful they'll cure well there.

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My favorite rose is in bloom: Rosa chinensis 'Viridiflora' Also called "The Green Rose". It's a mutant that lost its ability to properly make a flower. On dissection, it's an infinitely recursive set of leaf-like sepals. It cannot reproduce on its own. It's been hand propagated through cuttings over several centuries. It is one unique specimen carried through time solely by people that find it fascinating. I believe it was first documented in Western Culture in the 1700s.

#blooming #rose

The Echinacea we started from seed has at long last begun to bloom, and goodness was it worth the wait 🤩.

They're kind of tricky to start from seed and the first year after transplant they work on root building so you don't really know if they'll take or not.

I enjoy plants like these that require multiple seasons of patience and risk of total failure. They can be tremendously rewarding.

Huge patches of water willow by the river as well. I love their tiny pink flowers.

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I spent the morning learning about water conservation and the macro-biology in our city's main river system. In just a 20 second collection we found numerous different freshwater invertebrates, from mayfly larva to snails and water penny. The more diverse the collection of critters the healthier the waterway. Most areas, at least in the US, offer Citizen Science programs where you can get involved in monitoring the health of your streams, creeks, and rivers too 💦

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The Corpse Flower at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco is set to bloom tonight, and they are live streaming it. From a recent article, “This is an incredibly rare opportunity, as the plant blooms just once every seven to nine years.” You can watch it here

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