37th America's Cup:

"This protocol is not just about sailing. The new rules say that teams have to have foiling hydrogen chase boats. "

"That in itself doesn't sound like a big deal, but it's a really big deal. Hydrogen has been around for a little while but it seems to be the future within the marine industry. And when we launch them in February next year and fly off down the harbour at 50 knots in a hydrogen boat, that's a game-changer within the marine industry."

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Foiling boats 👀 .

Those are really cool. I wonder how long they've actually been around. It must have been a step change in sailing.

Same with the hydrogen boats - and even electrical foiling surf boards. All very cool.

They can't have been around for that many years, have they?

@JohanEmpa - The bits have been around for a while but the combinations are quite new.

yeah, 😄, wings - usually fastened to airplanes, not sailing boats.

Well, look at this. Someone did it 1906. Not bad, not bad. 68 km/h.

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