37th America's Cup:

"This protocol is not just about sailing. The new rules say that teams have to have foiling hydrogen chase boats. "

"That in itself doesn't sound like a big deal, but it's a really big deal. Hydrogen has been around for a little while but it seems to be the future within the marine industry. And when we launch them in February next year and fly off down the harbour at 50 knots in a hydrogen boat, that's a game-changer within the marine industry."


My most important tools. A pencil, an eraser and a pocket calculator. The result is a pile of tainted white sheets. It is the one thing in life I cannot stop doing. The manifested objects of my obsession. These three are my most trusted friends and siblings in arms. ...my weapons of choice to pillage on the purity of the tabula rasa. The smallest of daoist change.

Possible geometry for my imaginary house. Based on an offset rotation of a reuleaux triangle section.

Is there any technically minded makers out there?

I am trying to find someone that could cut a ring for me out of titanium.

The technical bit is cutting the reuleaux polygon inside...

Why isn't it possible to sort Google's image search results by age?

@tickfoot - A 40-litre bioreactor would provide daily protein for a crew of six even on the planet. Just imagine what a cubic meter one would do.

A way for small farmers to create another source of income in the near future, imho.

Thinking about an outer shell for my future house. Basically a wooden gothic arch frame insulated with ETFE cushions.

The idea is to get a useful volume between the outside and the heated living quarters. This would hopefully keep the temperatures above freezing at all times of the year without heating.

Some of the functions of the living quarters could be moved to this half-heated volume. One such example would be cooking.

The living quarters could thus be kept smaller and cheaper.

Tinking about a set of kitchen measures that is metric and... integrated.

One thought: My favourite mug is roughly 400 mL so a "teaspoon" of 10 mL would be quite logical.

If all of my small spoons are identical then they could all be used as measures. No need for separate measures.

Is there such a spoon?

After some quick searching on the web I found a dessert spoon.

Next step is to buy one and try it out. Maybe I can even find a spoon of 50 mL?


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