@_crystal_dreams - Good to hear. For a second I thought I was going more crazy than I am already...

In dreams, animals usually signify instincts. My dreamscape was dominated by wolves for years. When I finally figured out what my dreams were trying to teach me the wolves stayed with me during my waking hours instead.

Good luck with raising the puppy. They can be a handful even in dreams.

@_crystal_dreams - So the important thing about the dream was that dog and the fact that it was cute?

I wish I had simple dreams like that.

@stux - That GIF while listening to Hania Rani's "Glass" is calming my strange scicence-fiction-depraved mind.

Photographer Eric Brummel stabilized his camera to capture earth's rotation

@JohanEmpa - Seems like mstdn.io is open for the entire world. There are probably others too.

@ashenwave - The twist of the story is...

"Why and when would a tranceporter need to wear a space suit?"

@ashenwave - Two more ideas formed the concept:

1. There is a theory that everyone is born with synesthesia but that the skill then is "blinded out" as we age.

2. I'm an introvert with little money so I travel by binge-feeding my brain with all kinds of data on a subject, data that my brain assembles into (parts of) worlds. Those worlds are then used unconsciously in dreams. As my thinking is very visual, I actually get to travel within those worlds at night.

@ashenwave - You will see what I saw in your illustration when you hear her talk about how the stroke slowly turned off the left half of her brain.

@helveticablanc - What rules is that Waan Aelon Kein was built to teach youth on the Marshall Islands how to build the traditional boats and how to use them to sustain their own way of life. ...a way of life that could be gone (along with the atolls) before the end of this century.

I'm just a student of the giants before me. ...a pretty mediocre one at that. But the incentive to learn is intense because of the urgency of the matter. Everything counts at this time.

@ashenwave - The idea really isn't mine. It's based on a TED speech by Jill Bolte Taylor. She, a brain researcher herself, had a stroke which gave her unique insights on how her (and her brother's) brain works.


@helveticablanc - I chose a name for my hypothetical boat after combining ideas from different parts of the Pacific. It would be a skin-on-frame canoe with a single leeward outrigger and a curved crab-claw sail.

The name of the boat would be the traditional term for a thin line tattoo. ...which is also the word for fishing line and the name of a striped fish.

No other boat (and I've seen a few) inspires me more than the Waan Aelon Kein. My dream simply shares the spirit of that walap.

@ashenwave - The person in the picture is using both sides of the brain, thus connecting "here" to the universe. It is like being a shaman but extended to the physical world too. Appreciated for their skills, tranceporters usually have very complicated relations to others, especially with blood relatives. Meeting one is usually both a blessing and a curse.

A historic note: Tranceporters were first described in the period when Earth avoided climatic collapse during the 2020's and 2030's.

Starting the week with an #ArtShare!
All instances are welcomed to join and boost this toot, so that artists can get more exposure on different instances 🌺

🔥 Rules 🔥
- Boost this toot
- Talk a bit about yourself and share your links
- Reply to this toot with 4 pics with your fav art (music, photos etc are all welcome!)
- All uploaded media needs real descriptions: let's keep it accessible :jellyspoon:
- NSFW/Horror/Gore etc are allowed UNDER CW
- Fuck N F Ts
- If you use hashtags remember to capitalize the initials of each word!

And if you aren't an artist, boost this toot on your instance! I love seeing the fediverse come together to spread love :blobcat:

@mcc - I use Bespoke as a pedalboard for my basses. ...and I like it a lot.

+ @helveticablanc

@golloreth - Checked out the HappySoaps site more thoroughly and found it amazing that the two languages are dutch and swedish. 😮

Both companies share the same issue as they are located simply too far away from me up here in Lapland, Sweden.

I wish there was a network of local manufacturers that would share a common base of products. Less travel would make the goods greener, and sharing know-how between companies could create better products too, imho.

@shrunkenheadstudio - Personally I was hoping for an artificial extra-language. ...a bit like the idea of experanto but much easier to learn. ...much, much easier.

@Yesternaut - Saw a documentary recently about using psychedelic drugs combined with therapy. I usually switch to another channel when stuff like that comes up, but this time I watched the whole thing.

Some bad experiences from way back makes me a porcupine every time someone tries to get into my head, so let's just say that therapy hasn't worked well for me so far, but I did see that documentary to the end.

Perhaps life is a about to change?

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