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First part of the VPN done. The router can now be found on the net. DDNS lessons learned.

I chose a european supplier.

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I would like to set up a VPN for my family. The router will use OpenWRT with WireGuard on a DHCP 100Mbps fiber. So I guess I need a domain and a dynamic name service.

Any recommendations?

I had this thought yesterday...

Could the US clinging to the Imperial measure be used to hide co2-emission?

It would be logical to FORCE oil, coal and gas companies to use the SI-system instead of comparing to a arbitrary measuring system like "a barrel". ...or "equivalents".

What is the global production of oil, coal and gas? And how much co2-emissions does that cause annually?

It would definitely make comparisons much easier.

the gradient is always harder to comprehend than the threshold.

"Is it light or dark?"
"Where do you place the border between light and dark?"
"Say what?"
"Light and dark are extremes on a scale. Light at one end and dark at the other. Where does light turn into dark?"
"You're pulling my leg, right?"
"I guess I am, but I'm not doing it on purpose."


@JohanEmpa - besides, space tourism is far less damaging to life on this planet than the "defense industry".

@JohanEmpa - I try to keep up with the developments in electric vehicles, both BEV and FCEV.

As just one example I watched a test of electric canal boats yesterday.

My favourite electric vehicle? The Riversimple Rasa.

@tickfoot - A 40-litre bioreactor would provide daily protein for a crew of six even on the planet. Just imagine what a cubic meter one would do.

A way for small farmers to create another source of income in the near future, imho.

Today I Learned about...
* Micro clover
* OpenWRT
* Solid soap and shampoo

Today I Learned about...
* Squatting toilets
* Electric outboard motors
* Boat anchor types
* Dyneema

Today I learned about...
* OpenPlotter
* Software Defined Radio
* LoRa

Thinking about an outer shell for my future house. Basically a wooden gothic arch frame insulated with ETFE cushions.

The idea is to get a useful volume between the outside and the heated living quarters. This would hopefully keep the temperatures above freezing at all times of the year without heating.

Some of the functions of the living quarters could be moved to this half-heated volume. One such example would be cooking.

The living quarters could thus be kept smaller and cheaper.

Tinking about a set of kitchen measures that is metric and... integrated.

One thought: My favourite mug is roughly 400 mL so a "teaspoon" of 10 mL would be quite logical.

If all of my small spoons are identical then they could all be used as measures. No need for separate measures.

Is there such a spoon?

After some quick searching on the web I found a dessert spoon.

Next step is to buy one and try it out. Maybe I can even find a spoon of 50 mL? is a community for anyone living in the European Union. This server is operated by Albin Social.