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Humans are not so egoistic as we think. Humans are creatures of habit. When egoism gets rewarded and altruism gets punished, egoism may only be a habit cultivated by .

"Toxic Positivity"... Well that is something I don't suffer from.

A friend pointed out that although my dream home is layered from the inside and out it has yet to have a proper yard.

The trees surrounding the building create the environment. The green areas are the first to greet visitors.

...and there is a lot of space to put sensors there too...

I guess the yard is the next layer of my dream home. Time to pay it some attention.

A four and a half tatami room, would it be intended for two, three or four adults to sleep in?

My most important tools. A pencil, an eraser and a pocket calculator. The result is a pile of tainted white sheets. It is the one thing in life I cannot stop doing. The manifested objects of my obsession. These three are my most trusted friends and siblings in arms. weapons of choice to pillage on the purity of the tabula rasa. The smallest of daoist change.

The shell is supposed to be oriented north to south (to dodge the hottest mid day sun) and be clad with inflated ETFE.

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The measures of the shell are...
5 m high, 5 m wide and 19 m long

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Possible geometry for my imaginary house. Based on an offset rotation of a reuleaux triangle section.

I'm struggling a bit to find my way around in Mastodon. What do I post? Where? Who will see it?

"A building relying on tensioned ropes and watertight membranes to create habitable volumes is called a 'tent'".

And here I am looking for a good term for the wooden lattice framed / dyneema lashed / ETFE cushioned greenhouse-like insulated outer shell of my dream home...

It - too - is simply a tent.

The talk this morning about calculators made me think about what would happen if my calculator would die. Would I be able to replace it?

The answer is simply "yes", thanks to .

Looking forward to see their new entry level model.

Is there any technically minded makers out there?

I am trying to find someone that could cut a ring for me out of titanium.

The technical bit is cutting the reuleaux polygon inside...

Why isn't it possible to sort Google's image search results by age?

I decided to buy myself a real domain. There you go.

The registrar was european.

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- Nah, it actually takes 4.16 _swallows_ to sail around the world.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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- The circumference of the earth is roughly 4.16 sparrows.

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