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I must be out of my mind.

The fretless bass was supposed to be an orphan.

Nonetheless I drew a matching electric guitar today.


Today I thought of projectors, but they suffer from the same power hungry behaviour. Had they used less power they would have been well suited for the miniscule setting.

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For my future home I would like to have a large display of some sort that is connected to my computer. It won't need speakers as those - as well as the amplifier - are separate.

But I want the display to use as little power as possible as my home will be offgrid.

I longingly look at very large TVs and wide computer displays but they are all too power hungry. ...and an increasing portion of the displays are curved, which makes them useless when having more than one person watching.

Only two promises...

1️⃣ Get rid of quite a lot of unused things.
2️⃣ Snap more photos of my loved ones.

NASA and ESA are simply supplying more hope to us than all military organisations around the world.

It is the morning of Christmas eve. The apartment is sparsely decorated and filled with the traditional scents (mostly from yesterday's food preparations). The moon shines from a cold blue sky and the rooftops are covered in snow. Only a handful of gifts are waiting for transport to other places under the still unclad plastic tree. The dog and her teenage owner are both sleeping softly after being busy long into the night.

This low-key day treads on quite wonderfully.

So... Merry Christmas.

I am so introverted that I'm not even on Santa's list.

@openrisk - If bean-counting works, then why is society upheld by voluntary efforts and gifts?

Now that everything is like a high-tech sci-fi story with an evil twist it is so nice to read short stories that contain no technology at all.

I was so happy when I found a copy of Robert Sheckley's "The Specialist" as a PDF online. It is such a wonderful and thought-provoking story about the feeling of belonging. ...and travelling...

"Humanity is destined to repeat the mistakes of history because old sci-fi stories are hidden behind paywalls."

and now BookWyrm is also available in Galician! Shoutout to @xosem for getting to 100% coverage

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@openrisk - I think it is possible to examine the structure of different languages to see how well they conform to the task of maintaining the balance of nature.

Some things make my blood boil.

I'm talking climate change with my brother. He's an ex green party politician. And throughout the debate he tries to push the same button. One that he (as my brother) knows ticks me off.

"You should go into politics".

If I did I then I would merely be part of the problem.

I hope to be better than that.

Now that he is out... Will there be an official Sailfish X for it? ...or could I make do with a community edition of ?

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