Our zucchinis are a wild bunch. It's a hybrid we have for about 3 years and it crosspollinates with other curcubits. So every year it's a lil surprise.
As long as it doesn't taste bitter it's fine to eat!

The bitter taste stems from cucurbitacins the cucurbits produce. The domesticated species contain very little or none at all, though this trait can be backcrossed.
But the bitter taste is already noticable from a low dosage of cucurbitacins.


I visited the botanical garden yesterday and saw this giant installation called "l'expedition végétale", thought that some of you might appreciate the solarpunk aesthetics of it :)

The salty taste is a bit weird in combo with the taste of the blackberry, but you get quite a good fruity note (though mellowed a lot). Also there's the funky acidity, but it could have gone longer.

The only thing that's bugging me a bit, are the seeds of the blackberry. Fruits with fewer seeds would be better, I guess. I may strain the berries and use the fruit pulp in a sauce or something like this.

I'm hooked now, may try something else in the future.

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So, an update on my fruit-fermetation-experiment: I opened the containers yesterday, sadly two of them went bad. But one of them made it!

Visually you can't really tell. The smell is most important I guess. One of the bad ones smelled wine-y (1), this one also popped open and stained the board. The other one smelled just like rot (2). The good one (3) smelled acidic and fruity, quite pleasant.

Also foraged some blackberries today and prepared them for a lacto-ferment experiment ( Inspired by @tickfoot ).
I never fermented fruits before, so I'm excited to try it out!

Quite a today! Some beets, zucchini lurking in the shadows and chokeberries (that are ripe far too early)


I have a searching-for list on my permapeople profile as well, but I'm open for everything. Maybe you can provide a list of the seeds you have.

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🌼 Updated my permapeople list again! 🌱

So, if you're living inside the EU and want to swap some seeds, just drop me a message!



This thick sickly sweet scent near elderflower bushes in early summer.
Can't get enough of it

Foraged some wildflowers on my cyclingtour today. Cooked up some semolina pudding and apple puree with them.


An already sprouted appleseed greeted me this morning when I was prepping my breakfast.
Immediately potted it. A new plantbaby!


the neverending cycle of wanting to become a mathematician during autumn and winter and wanting to be a botanist/plant ecologist as soon as spring hits


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