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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. Mastodon.green is a community for anyone living in the European Union
  2. Use any official EU language on this server
  3. No sexually explicit images or video
  4. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, or casteism
  5. No incitement of violence or promotion of violent ideologies
  6. No harassment, dogpiling or doxxing of other users
  7. No content illegal in Germany
  8. No false or misleading information
  9. Organisations, bots and automated tools are subject to additional rules
  10. For more detail, please review our community standards

About Mastodon.green

Mastodon.green is a general purpose server for anyone living in the European Union. It's not focused on any particular niche interest. With an account on Mastodon.green you'll be able to follow and interact with friends on other Mastodon servers, even when those servers are located outside of EU.

Connect with like-minded people
Here are some examples of what people are interested in:
▪️ Environment, sustainability and climate
▪️ Nature and gardening
▪️ Art, food and music
▪️ Tech, FOSS and the Fediverse

Mastodon.greens's climate vision
Our vision is to go beyond net-zero and remove CO2 from the atmosphere while people are using our Mastodon server.

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Club membership

It's free to sign up on Mastodon.green, but you can get extra benefits by becoming a club member. Read more at https://www.mastodon.green/club

Mastodon.green is operated by Albin Social. Become a Mastodon.green club member via:

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/AlbinSocial

Steady: https://steadyhq.com/albinsocial

Steady is the German alternative to Patreon

What is Mastodon

Video: What is Mastodon

There are over 3000 interconnected Mastodon servers on the Fediverse. They are sometimes called instances. A selection of them are listed here: https://joinmastodon.org/communities. You can find more of them here: https://instances.social. At any time it's possible to switch server or create additional accounts on other servers. Some servers are focused on discussing a certain topic while other are general purpose where you can post anything.

Help - Get started

Here are useful links to the Mastodon documentation.

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Promoting yourself and others

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Using Mastodon externally

Moving or leaving account

Community standards

By being friendly and respectful with each other we can create a nice atmosphere on mastodon.green.

Posting: You can post almost anything you want, but not everything. We expect our community members to abide by the community standards. The rules and community standards apply to both content and behavior. Our moderators take the context in which posts are written into consideration.

Continuous improvement: The community standards are not fixed, it's a working document that can be improved upon until we find something that works well. Most things on Mastodon.green are a work in progress and we're experimenting with different approaches to build a nice community.

Community timeline: Our community timeline is for genuine human interaction. Bots, computers and organisations must post in unlisted mode so that only their followers see their posts.

Languages: You can use any of the 24 official EU languages on this server. Why not every language in the whole world? Because it would make moderation prohibitively difficult and time consuming. We must keep cost and complexity low due to limited resources. To make moderation fast we may suspend servers with non-EU languages and/or users who primarily post in non-EU languages. Our limited resources is a practical problem and there may be a way for you to use your favourite language. We allow any supported language on our club servers. Club members can vote for one of 187 candidate languages to become supported. A supported language has a crowd funded budget for moderation.

Data: This site is not meant to be a backup or permanent repository for your information, posts or media. Additionally, your media is being downsized on original upload. You can export your posts, but there might be technical issues, so we recommend that you keep a backup elsewhere

Some types of post must be unlisted: Listed posts are those that appear in the community ("local") and federated timelines. They are also publicly visible and followers see them. Unlisted posts does not show up on local and federated timelines, but they are publicly available on your profile page and on the internet. Some kind of posts must be unlisted, so that only existing followers see them. Those are posts by bots, cross-posters and organisations etc

Automation: To use automated tools, such as cross-posters, you need to be a club member. Cross posting from other social media sites is allowed when you own both accounts. There may be a rate limit (but we haven't decided yet where the limit is). Anything that is cross posted from other social media sites must be in unlisted or followers-only mode. Cross-posting" is the automatic copying of posts from one platform to another. If you use apps for manual posting to several platforms simultaneously those posts are considered original and allowed. Bots and semi-automated accounts should be marked as such.

Bots on other servers: May be suspended. There is no consensus on this yet. We may need to treat them as we treat additional languages, crowd fund support for them on club servers to make sure that the costs are covered.

Organisations: Any organisation such as a company, non-profit, club or political party must post unlisted or followers-only. Our community timeline ("local timeline") is a place where individual community members post. Posts from organisations are by default not visible to community members, unless the community member actively finds and follow the organisation. We do provide a browsable directory where organisations can be found. It's recommended that organisations invite people to become their followers. Those inviations happens outside of Mastodon.green, for example in a company webshop, in a physical shop or in a newsletter. Organisations must never direct message individual community members unless they have taken the initial contact.

Nudity: All content must be suitable to an audience from 16 years old. This server is for people in EU, so mild nudity such as a photo of a statue or an old oil painting is probably going to be okay. Sexually explicit content isn't allowed. We also don't allow sexually suggestive content in the context of your profile linking to other "sexy" accounts that you may have.

Self promotion: Individual community members can promote themselves and their hobby- or small projects on the community timeline. Keep it within reason.

Paid promotions: If you're getting paid by someone to promote products and services that shall be done in unlisted mode. Your audience should be your existing followers, not everyone on the community timeline. It's possible to post on the community timeline when you're not promoting product and only post unlisted when you do promote products.

Zero-advertising: There is zero-advertising. You can not pay us to display ads to our community members. As an organisation you can post marketing material in followers only or unlisted mode. The rule of thumb is that it's shouldn't be visible to community members, unless they already follow your account. When they do follow you, they probably want to see your marketing material.

Federation: This free server does not federate with all Fediverse platforms. We have premium servers for club members and those servers federate with any supported platform on the Fediverse. A supported platform is one that has accumulated a crowd-funded budget for us to provide moderation and some help-center texts related to that platform. This free server doesn't federate with servers which host large amounts of content in non-EU languages, but our club servers federate with any supported language. A supported language has a crowd funded budget for moderation. Mastodon.green suspend some servers which are not aligned with our rules, community standard, polices or terms. We're generally not publishing the list of blocked servers as we don't want to give those who harass people or host illegal content any attention. You can ask our moderators in a direct message if you want to know if a specific server is suspended.

Excessive posting: Some users on other servers post with a high frequency, there are bots posting every 10 minutes every day. When people on mastodon.green follow high frequency posters that content is pulled into our servers. For capacity and economical reasons we may suspend high frequency people and bots, particularly if they are on other servers and followed by inactive users on our server. This is just to keep our costs under control. If our club members want us to unsuspend any such bots we may be able to do so, unless there are issues with them violating other rules.

Flooding the feed: Avoid flooding the community timeline or the home feed of your followers by posting super many posts in a row. Typically some kind of balance is best. Context is important too, sometimes it's okay to post a lot.

Friendly and respectful atmosphere: Some content is legal but may be removed anyway if it's suspected to be inauthentic, inflammatory, spammy or misinformation.

Political activism: We welcome political groups from established political parties. Any group with more than one person counts as an organisation. The difference between political content, promotion, propaganda and advertising is fuzzy, so organisations post in unlisted mode. An individual person can do political activism on the community timeline, but if a person does it too much then it needs to be unlisted. What is too much? No one knows yet. We have to find a balance.

Political extremism: Advocacy of political extremism from either far-left of far-right side of the spectrum may be limited or removed. With emphasis on far-out. Particularly if the activism is borderline illegal or focused on revolutionary change by fighting and violence. The paradox of tolerance may be applied, perhaps? Some far-right political content is illegal in Germany and will be removed. We apply the same rules to violent or revolutionary far-up and far-down ideologies too, or whatever side they are on. Civilized discussions may be allowed. It's the memes and propaganda we want to avoid.

Religious content: You're welcome to be religious and express that. You're welcome to celebrate your religious holidays and traditions. But respect other peoples religion. If your content is focused on converting people it may be limited or removed. If your religious content is inflammatory it may be removed. Daily prayers and similar content must be posted in unlisted or followers only mode.

Conspiracy theories: Don't post conspiracy theories.

Shitposting: Any "shitposting" is to be done among friends and always unlisted.

Signup-promotion: Don't sign up with the intention of pulling in content from users on third party servers for promotional purposes. Inactivity in combination with suspected sign-up promotion may have your account and/or the users on the third party servers limited or suspended.

Anti science content: Anti-science content such as anti-vaccine movements, may be removed

Inauthentic accounts: We may suspend suspected inauthentic accounts, especially if they seem to belong to a web of other inauthentic accounts on other servers. This can happen without e-mail notification, as it makes no sense to notify inauthentic accounts when they are being removed.

Pulled in content: Our community standards also apply to content that is pulled in from other servers though people following accounts there. Users on our server may be suspended for pulling in too much guideline violating content from other servers. This particularly apply to people who just follow people on other servers without being active on our server by posting or replying to posts.

Disagreement: Do not debate moderation actions in public posts. Direct message our team or use e-mail. We listen and answer questions up to a certain point, not forever.

Satcha: It's good to show us that you're human by being normally active. From time to time we may ask you to do a satcha to prove that you're still a human. This is to make sure that humans are not signing up and then replacing themselves with automated tools such as bots. A SATCHA is a Semi Automated Test to tell Humans and Computers Apart. The moderator @satcha@mastodon.green may ask some simple questions, you must respond appropriately to keep your account.

The administration of the service reserves the right to revoke any user's access permissions, at any time, for any reason, except as limited by law.

Additional rules

We're aiming for a community timeline with personal posts and genuine human interaction. Therefore we require some types of posts to be made in unlisted mode.


  1. Bots must post in unlisted mode
  2. To operate a bot you must be a club member

Automated tools

Automated tools includes cross posting from Twitter or other sources.

  1. Automated posting must be unlisted
  2. To use automated tools you must be a club member

Companies and other organisations

  1. Organisations must post in unlisted mode
  2. It's not allowed to spam or otherwise annoy the community
  3. A premium membership is required
  4. Organisations must have a fixed establishment in EU to be eligible for membership

Server covenant

Mastodon.green adhere to the Mastodon server covenant


This server is funded by membership fees.


Johan Sundström - Albin Social
c/o Grosch Postflex #442
Emsdettener Straße 10
48268 Greven
E-mail: post@albinsocial.com

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