Covid continues to wither in Israel. Today, just 62 new test confirmed cases. They've got only 93 serious cases left in hospital with 55 on vents. They've averaged a single death a day over the last week. In the last week, 4,693 people in the US have died of Covid-19. If Israel had the population of the US, they would of had ~255 deaths over the same period. On a population normalized basis, 18.4x fewer people are dying in Israel of Covid-19 than in the US.


What’s Mastodons help page called? 

The Tootorial

Deutscher Lehrerpreis geht an drei hessische Lehrer

Essensschälchen ohne Plastik im Chemie-Unterricht

"..... Der erste Preis in der Kategorie "Unterricht innovativ" ging an das Gymnasium Lahntalschule in Biedenkopf. Chemielehrerin Daniela Heinrich-Stiller entwickelte mit ihrer 9. und 10. Klasse aus Stärke und Wasser eine Folie ohne Plastik, die sogar essbar ist...... "

Have now received COVID-19-vaccine part one.

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