Yeah, that's the spirit. 🥳 Best home outfit I've seen in this years Eurovision.

Easily Lithuania in my opinion. She sang much better and had a top notch hair-necklace-dress combo

Eurovision is such a great event 🥳
Top entertainment year after year

@proedie I really like how her hair matches the band around her neck that goes down the sides of her dress. Nice.

Nah, not impressed by Germany.
Interestingly Ukraine had a similar kind of concept as Zdob și Zdub in my opinion.

Moldova does it better. Not over the top.

I really like the design of that dress suit she had, what's her name, from Netherlands.

How it's that long in the back, all the way down to the feet and so long in the arms all the way up over the back of the hands. Some good fashion design in my opinion. I want one of those 😄

@proedie @meer_salt
Norway and Finland gets minus points from me this year. Armenia has something, it's good.

Trenuleţul :flan_cheer:

🚂 🇲🇩 Chișinău - București 🇷🇴 🚂

I just tried it on the computer. Now I'm depressed, not seeing cats any more, lol.

1. Tried it without the # (because you did the other way)
2. Ticking the box "home and lists"
3. Looking at that "whole word" tick box. It says alphanumeric. That may cause issues with the #, perhaps?
4. worked.

If it doesn't work without the #, it's probably a bug in the Android app.

Are you setting them up with the Android app or the web app?

Jag undrade just vad det står på den Svenska knappen. På min står det Toot! och på den Tyska tror jag det står Tröt!

Hi @ale and welcome.
It's not possible to follow streams of mastodon servers. You can only follow individual accounts.

The automation you're contemplating is not allowed on this server because it causes unreasonable costs. We could possible allow it if you pay for it.

If you host your own server you can set up a relay or do automation.

"A federation relay is an intermediary server that exchanges large volumes of public posts between servers that subscribe and publish to it. "

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