@fetchrobin I thought you had a good wheelbarrow already? Did it break from moving all that compost?

@quent πŸ˜„ life is exactly like that for so many robots.

Happy Easter! 🐣
This bird was in the park yesterday. It shouted something across the water to another bird.
Probably "Glad pΓ₯sk" (happy easter)

Sure the concept is good:
"a bot detects the hashtag, creates a chart, then replies with a link" πŸ‘

Well, no one forces you to do it. It was your idea to write a bot.

If I was making such a bot I wouldn't want to have it running on my personal account. Feels like that could end up with trouble somehow.

What could be the issue with creating a different account for the bot? Having a server for it to run on?

Could work, yes.

There's a Twitter bot compiling threads into one single page. They activate the bot by mentioning the bot account with a keyword. That way might be better than the hashtag method.
@Chartodon@mathstodon.xyz ... do your stuff.


Volkswagen should change their name to VOLTSWAGON instead of prematurely joking about changing it to Voltswagen.

It's clearly not a stick figure, because stick figures have a torso.

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It seems like there is no common English word for this type of drawing? I don't find it on the internet, and not on Wikipedia.

Almost all children draw this type of human when they are somewhere between 3-5 years old.

Maybe we have to invent a word?

As we know there is a lack of words in English that consist of two words, so we might as well add a new word to the languauge.

Perhaps something like this could be suitable:


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Thanks :-)
It seems like Sweden, Germany, Netherlands and Norway have exactly that type of word.

Internet rumours from a year ago was all about bat soup being delicious. πŸ˜‹

What can this type of drawing be called in proper English? Is it a headfooting?

In Sweden we call it huvudfoting.

community software 

@owl I assume they mean take over the world as in having more people using the software. It doesn't have to be about capitalism, a free product can take over the world and then capitalist companies disappear.

I believe people equate bigger/popular with better (for the mainstream).

Why wouldn't a much better and free (no cost), software quickly become bigger than a worse software? It would. But it doesn't happen with FOSS software because it's not better (to 97 % of people)

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