@JMarkDodds buying dead pubs sounds economically challenging. I'm assuming pubs die when there is a lack of people interested in hanging out there.

@samuel yes! Jag ska omedelbart brygga en kopp kaffe (för jag har inte en sån där kaffekanna) och krydda med kardemumma. Så firas din födelsedag i Berlin, trots att jag inte känner dig.

@JMarkDodds Mastodon was born 2016 and started growing 2017. It has more than 4 million users on about 3000 servers all over the world.

@kensanata hmm, do you know for sure there are instances selling data, or is it just that they could potentially do it?

Those bots who follow about 10 accounts are still a bit of a mystery to me, wouldn't they follow thousands of people if their aim was to collect data?

Could it be that they somehow try to do marketing instead. Spreading messages for those 10 they follow.

@arisu it would be nice with an alt image to a text post. Helps visualizing the text. 😁

No image without text - no text without image

@oppen wow, is that wind turbine enough to power that laptop. 😍
Truly amazing how technology develops, just a few months ago they installed 200 m tall wind turbines here. is the future.

@stephaniewalter this is one of the best things EU did to create awareness of how much data was/is being sold.

Next those options needs to become less annoying. Perhaps something you set in your browser and it's applied to the relevant sites/companies.

@zleap we can pay coal workers a full salary and let them go on holiday until they reach pension age. It would be a cheap and easy solution to get rid of that occupation.

Most would be bored and voluntarily find another job after a while.

Or we can give them jobs to do pyrolysis of biomass. It's working with coal to remove CO2 from the air. They can become the good coal workers.

@tpheine könnte es sein es gibt systemrelevante Arbeiten im Medizin - aber mit Internet und Telefon durchgeführt zu Hause.

@z428 @markus ich kann mich vorstellen systemrelevante berufe am Telefon und Internet.

Vielleicht sowas ähnliches wie 110 und 112 Arbeiter oder irgendwas wichtiges überwachten und schnell digital eingreifen. Sowas mit Kinder mischen geht vielleicht nicht. Auch einige arbeiten im Medizin könnte systemrelevant zu Hause gemacht werden.

Oder der Kind ist ein certified Monster. Mama braucht Urlaub von Kind. Mama is auch ein Monster. Papa is weg.

@markus @z428 wahrscheinlich arbetet Nachbarn im home office und hat Anspruch auf Notbetreung. Klingt völlig normal.

We're looking forward to USA joining the Paris agreement again.

@z428 @erm67 @bjoern
I feel that Startpage isn't even trying to do things better, they're fine with just doing their thing - being a meta search engine fully dependent on Google. No ambition, boring.

Qwant on the other hand try to build a real search engine by crawling the web. They have a vision of a healthy European eco-system.

"Based and designed in Europe" - that's the spirit we need.

@z428 @bjoern I'm hoping that the French Qwant will miraculously grow to a real Google search competitor. Once that happen I hope they will use their leftover profit to make a better browser too.

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