@alexbuzzbee Fermentation in general is good, sauerkraut, kimchi, wine, beer - yes.

Fermentation of fish - big no. It goes from being raw and uneatable to being safe to eat but,

it smells like rotten fish. It's eatable, barely. The smell is puke inducing and extremely strong.

It's without doubt the worst way to prepare fish. Historic reason, probably not having access to enough salt.


@alexbuzzbee using lye to pickle fish.

Needless to say the taste is disgusting (I never tasted it, but just know it). If you make this dish in a bad way it literally disappears because of the lye.


@publius wow, it's so much energy in the sun.

I would probably boil Pluto, because that's the only planet made out of meat, as far as I know. But I'm hesitant, because I've never eaten dog.

@publius "boiling mercury" is a bad answer. Aha. Ask a better question. Mmhmm?

What planet, other than Mercury, would you boil?

@ElfLord I can't believe you're not teased and roasted daily. Are people not constantly telling you to get off your high (freedom) horse?

Look at this bobber 😍🤗, the design is not a coincidence. You bicycle is cool and similar to this bike.

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I have no idea what is happening with men and my bike but I saw a lot of them fixate on my fat bike tires when I go for rides. Is this some kind of "male gaze" for bikes? 🤣

@brandon there is only one good format ISO 8601


The one thing we could add to that (to make it less good) is the casual reverse order 22-10-2020, always with the full year. It's often comfortable to begin with day month in daily speech.

There is never any confusion that the month is in the middle because we should always ignore the crazy American date system. It's time for them to catch up with units, time and date formats.

Einride is a cool truck being made in Sweden. They call it a pod for some weird reason.

It's a mix between autonomous truck and remote controlled truck. So it drives by itself, but a human can sit in an office and drive it remotely when needed. Perhaps on the real roads 2023.

Driving starts at 5:37

@minx it's just an error in Wikipedia.

One town is spelled Gillingham and the other is Jillingham.

Like GIF and JIF

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TIL there are two towns in the UK whose names are both spelled Gillingham, but one is pronounced /ˈɡɪlɪŋəm/ ("hard g" * ) and the other is pronounced /ˈdʒɪlɪŋəm/ ("soft g" *) and I love that.

#linguistics #phonetics

* like in GIF.

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@evilscientistca I don't believe you, the moon is clearly yellow. That's just an image of some space rock.

@self if I was a designer I might try placing the number pad on the top.

Or even better with a clip on system and a cable recessed underneath the keyboard. So depending on how much the users normallyuses the number pad it can be placed right, left or top.

@FediFollows agree with you here. Bio-Hashtags as a topic system is great and flexible.

It can also go beyond topics. You could for example tag yourself with your city and find local people that way.

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