The removal symbol represent Climate Positive Action.

A climate positive company removes more CO2 from the atmosphere than it emits.

This is Albin, our mascot. He's an anthropomorphic robot. Albin Social is named after him.

Summer in the city. Berlin underground sometimes travel above ground.

The website is getting better. I put some images of clouds on it and that's why I recently thought about them.

@stemid fantastiskt att de bad om 50 000 och den var så populär att den sålde för 350 000.

@Thindog Yeah, who knows how their algorithm works. Mastodon is generally welcoming.
It can be a little tough to get used to in the beginning. When I began I thought it was a bit clunky, but it improves all the time.

@piggo I see the glass of wine is half full. Sensible of you to not drink the whole bottle together with the whole pumpkin 🙂

Clouds are always white, never invisible.

It can be proven by changing perspective to that from the moon.

A cloud is solid white. We can see that it's white not only from below and above but also inside it when flying through it.

Isn't the sky blue and invisible at the same time?

You look up and see blue sky. You travel to the moon and look down. What you see is land and water below the invisible sky.

@zatnosk over something specific. Perhaps boss, ruler, prime minister, chief, priest, sports coach, director, police officer, teacher, doctor.

@piggo yeah, it's even worse dry, prepared without water.

Eat fresh pasta or cook with water and salt if you can find it.

@piggo Compared to bacon, it sure last long. 😆😅

Not but seriously be vegan or eat pasta.

As long as they don't remove Alt Gr I'm all for more modifiers.

@gregandcin perhaps you've seen it already, that you can pick and choose feed languages in the settings?

@gregandcin There was or is something similar called relays that instance admins could install. I belive they didn't work that good for some reason. I uninstalled one almost immediately.

It's a good idea you have. What you're describing is not relays and not a feature of mastodon itself, as far as I know.

It might become too expensive in Euros for admins to pull int that much content though. Eventually it adds up.

@Anke yeah, good idea. Perhaps some kind of category tag.

It would kind of overlap with the plural form of the , and it would probably be a fine line between tag and category.

Say for example you post an image of a dog. with category §animals. Then two §animals.

In some cases it could perhaps be worth the extra effort. Perhaps not. It becomes a mess. §animals §cats no one would like such a complicated mess.

It was a good change when Riot changed name to Element. Logo looks good too.

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