@themayor I do hope to make a return visit to Oslo & Sandvika sometime before I die. Not this year or next I suspect, but the odds are good I’ll still be alive the year after and ready for another long drive in my Tesla.

Presenting a fresh ethics for Green based on the Earth's example! After two months of refinement, really excited to finally get this essay published. Big thanks to @RickMGoldie for editing assistance. medium.com/earthen/towards-awa

I treat making as a way to retain ownership of the plastic β€œwaste” I consume, and prevent it going to either landfill, or incineration, either of which will result in toxins leaking into the biosphere, and CO2 into the atmosphere. This can only be a good thing.

Just discovered Mastodon. I’m hoping this will allow me to wean off Facebook β€¦πŸ€ž


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