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Today we put the leeks into the soil. They were growing from seed in our window sill and are now pencil thick (not entirely but close enough!)
Also we harvested garlic. For one batch we used bio garlic from the supermarket. They were having quite small stems, but the bulbs looked okay. The other batch we reused from previous season (for the last ten years) a good harvest, nice bulbs. And that smell! hmm :-)

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Added a video from youtube of an animated recreation of Volkwagens commercial where JeanClaude van Damme does a split between two backwards driving VW trucks. The recreation is a CGI animated Chuck Norris who does a split standing in between two flying aircrafts with a pyramid of soldiers standing on his head, depicting a christmas to describe this...

Blissfully pondering here 🙂
So when I see a post containing an image, that image is uploaded to the mastodon instance, right?

Since I'm not paying for storage on Mastodon I thought I'd paste a link to an image on my own nextcloud, expecting it to show in the post, but it doesn't work that way..hmm... how does that work for youtube video's?
I assume that vid is not uploaded.
@JohanEmpa can you perhaps shed light on this? Image description in next post

[final] Right now I'm in the middle of baking a bread my way, but only changed one factor that I learned from the earlier attempt.
The bread is rising happily atm. Will bake tomorrow at 07:00.
Still feeling in tune...

[pt 2] which was oke, since writing it down made me consious of what I was doing.
After a year or two, it resulted in me being able to consistently bake a bread that we really enjoyed.
Now, following the recipe from, I suddenly did several things very differently...
I felt that maybe why I lost 'control' over the process. (not really control, maybe affinity is the word here...)
But even though the bread failed, I did learn about some factors that I could do different next time..

[pt 1] Sooo, baking the bread as mentioned in my previous post failed brilliantly. Very pleased with that, cuz that seems to be how I learn.
The bread did not rise much and lacked strength, also the crumb was still quite moist....
How I learned to bake bread, sourdough in particular, was to keep baking, doing everything exactly the same but for one thing.
Either change the flour type, or the temperature of the water, or the time for the bulk rise. I wrote it down in my notebook. (Never reread)..

After 3 days preparation, I'm in the middle of this recipe:
Hoping to eat a good bread tomorrow :-) Will post pictures!

There was this post a while back were someone boosted a tweet from someone else and roused the masses to block the subjects of these tweet, or even it's instance.
I did not agree with the tone, even though I could understand where they were coming from (I think).
But still, I preper these posts, because it is by people, it is alive, it means something, we maybe can talk about it and grow some more...
Maybe I will learn to post more about what makes me tick :-)

I sometimes feel that sometimes boosted posts lack a certain..personality. Not all, mind you! What I like is when people boost something AND write something about why this is valid to share, for thém.
The boosted post does not have to mean anything to me. It is not necessary to be literate, well thought through, spiritual, or politically correct. It is enough for me to learn why this boost makes you tick.

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📎 Clippy 2000: "It look's like you're writing a letter - would you like help?"

📎 Clippy 2022: "It looks like you wan't to leave the company so I secretly informed the admins to have a closer look at you."


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In other news: I'm paying my hosting provider for a VPS _and_ for a website-package. Now looking at the gemini-php-script by @winduptoy. Not my most fluent domain to work with, but I love its simplicity. I'm very averse to unneeded complexity and stuff like privacy and openness matters to me. Hence gemini, but my mother (85 yrs young) does not understand what that is about. So this script seems a good balance!


Just came back from our allotment garden. First time since maybe 4 weeks, cause I was recovering from pneumonia, so you can imagine mowing the lawn is a challenge.
I've sown a lot of clover a couple of months ago, hoping it would outgrow the grass. I guess I need to be more patient :-) (Which is difficuuuuuult!!!!!! but okay I'll try I promise)
I so much love the garden. It does not need me as much as I need it. It does all thee wonderfull things without me just fine :-)

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