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The Open Risk Academy [1] is a instance with courses covering various topics in , , (usually ) and more

All courses are open and free (email self-registration is required). Where relevant, code scripts are available on github [2] (repos named: Academy-Course-CourseID)

Ideas for new content and feedback are welcome



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“Every time El*n M*sk or Neur*link trends in neural tech, I get a sinking feeling in my stomach. It's difficult to explain all the reasons behind the sheer depth of the despair I feel…

… it is truly heartbreaking to see foreshadows of where neurotech is headed -- in the direction of concentrating power, attention, resources, and wealth in the hands of so few, wrapped in the disguise of “helping” the many.”

Fediverse folks, it’s on birdsite, but please read this.

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last saturday and sunday were deviceless: no phone (at all) and no computer. Turned both off.
I baked bread, went for a walk, to my garden too, listened to birds, my breath. Reread 'Ancillary Justice' from Ann Leckie. Talked with my wife and daughter, played with my cat. I spend some time chopping up a bunch of rosemary that I harvested last season.
Time slowed down, people became normal again, my mind became quieter.
Long story short, I really enjoyed slowing down.
Will be doing that again!

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In Iowa city, Chomp, a food delivery app owned as a cooperative has outcompeted the tech giants.

It provides an exciting model for restaurants to bounce back from the pandemic, with six cities across the US seeking to replicate their success.

This is the first issue of a weekly newsletter about cooperative success stories and ideas about the future of the movement.

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Fediverse, we hope to have a hacker camp in the Netherlands this Summer (yes, COVID-willing), do propose your talks at and here's an additional blogseries on what we're looking for: #MCH2022 (boosts are most welcome)

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does anyone here speak Turkish ? (please boost)

some person added one of my drawings to their collection named
"daha denemedigim psdler" (turc) and i can't manage to translate it i'm very curious what it means

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Great article in the Guardian:

Your attention didn’t collapse. It was stolen.

"[...] when people believe they are doing several things at once, they are actually juggling. “They’re switching back and forth. They don’t notice the switching because their brain sort of papers it over to give a seamless experience of consciousness, but what they’re actually doing is switching and reconfiguring their brain moment-to-moment, task-to-task – [and] that comes with a cost.”

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Does my network have anyone who might be willing to produce a small lampwork glass pendant at a reasonable price?

Please DM me! I'd prefer to support an artist/artisan in my network, and I'm prepared to pay fairly for the work—as a maker myself, I'm very aware of how much goes into a commission

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The concept of talent as a god-given blessing is inherently wrong. It actively hinders people to try new stuff and suck at it at first.

Because that is what you'll do when you try new things: you will suck. For some time. Yes, some will learn faster than others, experiences differ! But if you want to learn something new, please don't think you need any kind of talent for that.

What you need is passion. And time.

And the courage to fail.

My 2022 goals:
- do Ashtanga yoga 2x a week
- bake more sourdoughbread
- spend more weekends deviceless
- take time to cook more healthy
- make a gardenplan on paper
- read more books

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I volunteer as 'IT person' for a museum in its early days, ( - @EICAS).

I would love to connect with other "museum people" and "museum IT people", here and elsewhere.

Any boosts/recommendations welcome!

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Hi folks! All of my books are pay-what-you-want on itch for a few days!

It's very important to me that my books are free a few times a year to anyone who wants them.

I'm also celebrating my birthday and this always feels like a nice way to do it.

Merry Christmas dear , may you be well, happy and free from suffering. I wish us all a more connected, healthy and personal 2022.🙏

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So despite some protest, tiny got its way

/facebook and the type digital society it represents will be physically implanted in the landscape, creating the largest datacenter in the Netherlands and using 200MW of electric power


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Do I have anyone in my network who would be able and interested to port some #python Pelican plugins to #go / Hugo for LOW←TECH MAGAZINE and specifically?

boosts appreciated

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