The Home Office said it had "a zero-tolerance approach to anyone displaying racist or discriminatory behaviour".

Which given it’s massively racist approach to policy prioritisation is mind-boggling.

I hate this ideology. For a country of immigrants we’re really bad at helping people who want to come here and build a better life through contribution.

Why can’t we beat traffickers by making it easier?

Go back as far as you like. Tory governments are just not very nice… :(


🔵 Suella Braverman: No migrants who cross Channel will be able to claim asylum in the UK

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Liz Truss tells the BBC the government will increase pensions at the pace of rising prices - but on benefits "we have to be fiscally responsible"

Which means she’ll reward Tory party members and conservative voters but poor people are on their own.

Just how much is £18billion:

IF YOU were to SPEND £1M EVERY SINGLE DAY it would still take OVER 49 YEARS to spend it all!

This huge amount it to be cut from our already overstretched public services; even after a decade of Conservative ‘austerity’ cuts.


EIGHTEEN BILLION pounds in spending cuts.


Business friendly ≠ Consumer friendly


🔴 The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture Media and Sport has taken to the Conservative Party conference stage.

Michelle Donelan announced that GDPR will be replaced by "our own business and consumer-friendly data protection system"


Dry mouth much Chris? Lots of words yet it sounds like it might have been your idea.


Was the 45p tax cut your idea?

Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Chris Philp refuses to provide details on who suggested the tax cut, stating that he wouldn't share "private conversations" but says he "would not describe it as his idea".



I’m working on a React Native project just now [shudder] but this looks pretty awesome for anyone working on a web project.


Testing pixel perfection in Figma and code — by


Maybe give people their own codes and put the reader on the wall?


Across Shanghai’s Xuhui district, identical cameras are are popping up above shop doors. Three shop owners have told me that they’ve been put up by authorities to check that people are scanning QR codes. I’ve asked the government if this is indeed the case.


It makes sense when you think about it and I regret not listening and sharing this sooner!


The UK FINALLY has a way out of this Tory nightmare.

The Labour Party just voted to adopt Proportional Representation.

That is key to getting the Tories out at the next election and keeping them out of number 10 at future elections.



If this is true it’s huge & might open the doors to tactical alliances between Labour, the Lib Dem’s and The Greens.

It could keep the Tories from outright control of the country, mean all our votes count in future elections and enable a move away from childish in the Commons.

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💥 BREAKING: Labour Conference has voted to "make a manifesto commitment to Proportional Representation at the next election."

We are closer to real change than we have been in decades. Bring on the next steps!


Excited to check out the update tomorrow! They're launching a complete Slack replacement designed for makers. Sep 27 2022 at 9AM PST

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