No mention whatever of men controlling their own dicks, I note. In the world of the right, men are either perpetual children to be placated, or perpetual fathers to be obeyed. Never let a right-winger claim they are a feminist.


i'm sorry WHAT


Carrot Weather is always topical and sometimes to close to the truth for comfort.

This seems to describe the situation in the US right now:

“Make no mistake - this decision goes beyond abortion, this is about who has power over you, who has the authority to make decisions for you, and who can control your future.”

Here’s hoping every single woman makes their voice heard and votes at the next election.

This seems like the wrong call. Abortion is a complicated issue but the overzealous nature of republicans, their ideological policies pushed for the highest bidders, and their continued ignorance of the wider public they serve, continues to punish women simply for being women.


Stop calling for Boris Johnson to resign you fools! He needs to stay on until the next election...👍

"But the government has warned against employers handing out big increases in salaries over fears of a 1970s style "inflationary spiral" where firms hike wages and then pass the cost on to customers through even higher prices."

Hmm, seems suspiciously easy to resolved, absorb some/all pay rises in year-on-year profits and reduce top execs bonuses/wages a little.

People have more money, companies look good. Economy doesn't spiral out of control. Everybody wins.

As someone neurodiverse I do wish would start putting on in-person events. Virtual events and ADHD just don't go together. :(

This is quite hard to read but it’s important that you do.

If you don’t like this know that the food and farming industry is full of double standards and far, far more (29m) sentient animals will suffer as badly if not worse than these 15,000 innocent dogs.

“The plan, being introduced to Parliament, would allow ministers to ignore the court's injunctions.”

I mean, we’re all onboard with ignoring the law aren’t we? This government is the worst and an embarrassment. Any other people would be ashamed of themselves.

No 10 planning to tear up restrictions on City bosses’ pay amid cost of living crisis.

The rich continue to make sure they all get richer while the poor get poorer.

Thinking the minister might be overegging the pudding somewhat! Maybe a mild inconvenience for a relative few.

I reckon the sunny days that we’re having just now may make this somewhat bearable even for them!

Took the dogs for a walk around the village. The wood (and a local garden) were lovely to see and spend some time in.

@JohanEmpa what happens with emojis on mastodon? Some people seem to have unique ones that we don’t.

Is it an instance thing? Can we get some?

This is worth a read. I find it interesting that while the Conservatives do nothing but blame them it’s always Labour that makes the big changes and propel the country forward. The Atlee, Wilson and Blair governments made measurable improvements. Now it’s good we have another steady hand in Starmer ahead of the next election.

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