Stockholm is also tropical, 30 degre Celsius. It is really hot and no wind! Some People likes it and some people hate a warm summer. I like it!

Thank you!
It was cold -18 degrees Celsius and sunshine, a beatiful morning!

Very nice drawing. I love seals too and have seen them in the sea. I was sailing and they were swimming around the boat. Have you seen them in real life?

The languages of Finland, Estonia and Hungary are connected too the same family of languages. They can more easy learn the other language.

Then I can learn you some words too. Kui palju means how much and is similar too the Finnish word kuin paljon with the same meaning.

Kolm in Estonia language means number 3 and in Finnish you say kolme too number 3. It is very fun too learn a new languages.

Nice cat, for a catlover. Having a cat, real or ceramic makes you happy.

I am wondering, how does the man stop the vehicle ? Brakes? If the wind takes it up in the air. Never seen anything like that.

I agree with you about the song Barbie girl. It was much better in this version than the original. It was a pleasure too listen, i liked it😀

Thanks for the links and video to the speech of Ursula von der Leyen.
And yes about the Burger king, if you dont have a mobile phone you cant use it. It is an play app on the phone. Children can have the app on the parents phone.

Hi there

I saw in a newspaper that a Burger company has taken away ballons too kids who are visiting them. They have digital ballons for kids in stead. Another Good step from a company.

Yes, it is very interesting too read about SBT(science ambitious targets).
I am happy that you find it interesting.

I have just read on internet about how farmers are working towards carbon dioxide neutral milk. Too reduce emission and capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. A special flower with long roots is drawing carbon dioxide from the air.
Many corporations are working with Science based targets. The climate chance became a part of the future.
There is hope for the climate.

It was very interesting to read the links about carbon Cloud and the Burger companies.
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