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A lot of prominent Germans on left and right have been backing away from arming Ukraine because “you can’t beat war with war.”

do they think the Nazis just gave up?

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Cautious does NOT = anxious

Risk mitigation does NOT mean risk averse

Informing public of facts does NOT -= fear mongering/NHS bashing / political posturing / colleague critism

Let’s get our language right in order to function better as a democracy facing infection challenges

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Caos nos aeroportos da Europa. Greve em Paris e Amsterdam. Voos cancelados e atrasados em todos os lugares. Muita gente perdendo bagagem. Perdi a conexão para o Brasil e passarei a noite no aero, sem nenhum suporte da cia. Caos total.

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Heads-up: Long-COVID affects 25% of kids who get covid. The main problems: mood symptoms, fatigue and sleep disorders.

Covid is a mass-disabling event and we are injuring the children in our society by not working to stop its spread.



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Pedalando por 10 minutos hoje embaixo do sol.

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Berlin was not built for this heat 🥵

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I do not understand how people are continuing to ignore serious risks of cardiovascular issues, blood clots, diabetes & more serious health risks from even mild cases of .

So many are going maskless & risking their lives, but still going to gym, eating organic, etc? WTH?

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Germany will drop its ban on "advertising“ abortion, parliament decided today.
In future doctors will be allowed to list abortion as a service on their website.
So far this was punishable by law.

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🧶1- O delegado Giniton conta aqui ao Estadão um dado absolutamente novo: Marielle tinha um aplicativo no celular que gravava todas as ligações...

Caso Marielle: 'Nunca havia visto um crime tão bem planejado', diz 1º delegado a investigar morte @estadao@twitter.com: brasil.estadao.com.br/noticias

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É doido pensar que o Richarlyson teve parte da carreira afetada por homossexualidade num esporte onde acolheu sem grandes represálias o goleiro Bruno, o Robinho...

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You can never ban abortion, you can only ban safe abortions. Read that again.

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Foi um baita jogador. Muito bom ter saído do armário. Baita exemplo.

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Pela primeira vez, um jogador ou ex-jogador (de futebol) de ponta no Brasil diz que já se relacionou com homens. Entrevista histórica de Richarlyson.


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Quickly translated this emotional speech about the Russian regime's invasion and war in Ukraine by Germany's vice-chancellor twitter.com/Nietzsxhe/status/1

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🇺🇦 Irpin. I've never seen such scenes of destruction in person before.

I knew such manmade hellish landscapes existed bc of Syria & all the other destroyed places in this world. It broke my heart then to see the suffering inflicted & it breaks my heart now a thousand times over.

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'Researchers have developed a medical imaging technique which reveals where in the body HIV lies hidden' .. 'this could also be used to investigate the notion that long Covid is caused by the coronavirus persisting deep in the body's tissues.' bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p0cdvx6f

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When I came out to my dad 20 years ago, he told me the idea of two men being intimate disgusted him.

Here's what happened next. 🧵 👇

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